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I do not want to buy a Fart Blaster

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LookingUpAtTheStars Sat 14-Nov-15 18:47:58

Apparently it's all he's ever ever wanted aside from the dozens of other only things he's ever ever wanted but the cheapest I've found it is £17.99. A generic button pressy silly noise making machine for less than half the price just won't cut it though will it?

Redberrypie Sat 14-Nov-15 18:52:06

I bought a key ring version off amazon for £3 instead grin

moveon Sat 14-Nov-15 18:54:14

my daughter would love a fart keyring, which one did you get from Amazon?

WowOoo Sat 14-Nov-15 18:56:15

Is this a grown up or a child?

NewLife4Me Sat 14-Nov-15 18:58:15

Ah, I want one for my dd, she'd love it.
Are they realistic sounding and where do you buy them from?

Sorry OP, whoever it's for they'll enjoy it.

LookingUpAtTheStars Sat 14-Nov-15 19:01:26

5 year old ds is asking for it, and I know he will absolutely love it. Then Dh and I will have to resist the urge to hide it by boxing day. But all it does is make farting noises. I even pointed out that ds can already make farting noises but apparently it's not the same...

smallandimperfectlyformed Sat 14-Nov-15 19:03:03

They have some silly noise things in WHSmith at the moment, slightly more expensive than the Amazon one though

Olecranon Sat 14-Nov-15 19:11:57

It is 14.99 in B and M. I bought three for various family members along with minion pyjamas. I know they will love them. I have also bought whoopee pets which were more reasonable seven pounds from Amazon.

FabFlo Sat 14-Nov-15 19:16:07

It would be a big hit in this house but if I buy one for dd1 then dd2 will want one and vice versa.

I could get away with buying just one for dd3 though and them not minding too much (family dynamics of siblings are crazy) - but could a 2yo press the button so it makes the noise?

twirlypoo Sat 14-Nov-15 19:22:08

I would give you ds's gladly but I suspect it would cause great mourning and hysterics if it did.

As an aside, Ds was lying on his back holding it above his face and stupidly let go. A&e thought he had fractured his cheek bone and I was thrilled to have to explain to many a doctor that it was caused by dropping a fart machine on himself. We got many a strange look grin (Ds was fine and just had a humongous black eye!)

Olecranon Sat 14-Nov-15 19:22:54

2 are for my sons and one for my nephew. I couldn't only buy one of them or there would be tears. The buttons are very easy to press and would be toddler friendly.

LookingUpAtTheStars Sat 14-Nov-15 19:24:27

Is pretty sturdy then? I may be persuaded if it's strong enough not to immediately break under ds's less than gentle care.

Olecranon Sat 14-Nov-15 19:28:25

It looks sturdy. Go for it. It's Christmas. I will always mourn the major Morgan I never got when I was a child.

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sat 14-Nov-15 19:29:47

my dd wanted a fart gun for her birthday last year... i refused but my dad then gave me the money for it for her.

best gift she got, she adored it and still plays with it and tbh me and dp had fun playing with it once she had gone to bed.

a 2 year old is more than capable of pressing the button as i found out when dd2 took it on the school run and pressed it each time we passed someone.... the looks i got!!! haha!

FabFlo Sat 14-Nov-15 19:30:14

Thanks Olecranon.

I'll buy dd3 one then and that will be another present for her. So hard to find presents for the third child - she has everything from her sisters!

Redberrypie Sat 14-Nov-15 19:30:19

I ordered this but haven't opened it yet, so hoping the sounds are realistic. (Although can't believe I am hoping that something makes realistic fart sounds confused).

key ring

Bubbletree4 Sat 14-Nov-15 19:33:48

We have the fart blaster (think from minions/despic).

It's great. Worth it IMO. There are lots of shit toys about, but this one has been well used in our house and isn't actually shit.

Ktay Sat 14-Nov-15 19:39:41

I love them, always enjoy setting them off if I see one in a toy shop!

MyNewBearTotoro Sat 14-Nov-15 19:42:56

I bought one for friend's son's 4th birthday, it was a big hit with him and his six-year-old brother. They loved blasting each other with it and also setting the timer on it it to 'trick' people. It's still played with now.

Don't think I paid as much as £18 for it but it was back in January so maybe it was in the sale or was just cheaper before the latest Minions craze. I'd still say it's well worth it.

FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 14-Nov-15 19:54:56

If it's the minion one, it's really tough, DS got it a couple of years ago and still loves it (and the grown ups aren't adverse to play with it either)

Oldraver Sat 14-Nov-15 20:30:49

They had a fart thing in Asda for a tenner...the sound was a bit pathetic though

randomcatname Sat 14-Nov-15 23:56:12

ds got a fart blaster for his birthday. tbh it was the most popular gift and we all got loads of laughs from it. Go on, you know you want to!

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