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L'Oreal Steampods

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cherrypez Fri 13-Nov-15 13:44:48

DD is desperate for these but I can't find them anywhere but Amazon and the price has gone up since I first looked! Does anywhere know a cheaper place to get them, or have a discount code? Any opinions on their performance would be massively appreciated too, as it's a huge outlay on hair straighteners!

LinzerTorte Fri 13-Nov-15 14:51:18

I bought mine from for €155, which was quite a bit cheaper than the Amazon price at the time - have just checked the price in pounds and they're £129 on there atm.

I'm really happy with them; they're not quite as easy to use as normal straighteners as they're a bit heavier and you have to make sure you use them in the right direction, but the result is great - they make my hair much shinier and glossier, and get rid of all the frizziness.

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