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Parents gifts

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cjt110 Fri 13-Nov-15 13:00:00

It was my Mums 50th this year so got her some really nice gifts (jewellery, choccys and upgraded her overnight stay to a suite). For my Dads birthday I got him some token gifts to open and also tickets to see Star Wars when it comes out in Dec.

Now stumped for gifts for Christmas. Theyve had a bit of a shit time lately and I just want to spoil them again but I don't have a clue what to get them.

Any suggestions are welcome.

NB. My Mum doesnt drink, isnt in to spa type days/events. My Dad isnt keen on eventy type things.

Phantomquartz Fri 13-Nov-15 13:20:34

A fruit tree?

jopickles Fri 13-Nov-15 13:24:52

what about restaurant vouchers or even coffee shop vouchers for when they are out and about, luxury food hamper with all the things you know are their favourites, afternoon tea for you all or a weekend away somewhere or vouchers for a trip

cjt110 Fri 13-Nov-15 13:27:14

Am thinking might do them a joint hamper of nice treats for them both (posh tea, coffee, biccys etc) for £20 and then spend £10 each on them.

SzeliMac Mon 16-Nov-15 00:16:08

I did hampers for mine last year (too fucked this year to even think about it) this year they're getting £50 voucher for their fave chophouse and they better like it ha

Makemineacabsauv Mon 16-Nov-15 22:39:27

Where do u live? I got my parents tickets for the steam strain from Fort William to Mallaig (goes over the viaduct in the Harry Potter films) and they loved that. This year for Dec birthdays they're getting a night in a hotel in Pitlochry with theatre tickets to see White Christmas. A few years ago I gave them tickets to see Its a Wonderful Life at the Glasgow Film theatre and a group on afternoon tea with prosecco to enjoy before it. I know it was for Xmas Eve but they loved it as I'd told them to keep the day free and they thought it was a lovely way to start Christmas. Other too presents have been tickets for 'a play, a pie and a pint' at Oran Mhor in Glasgow. I know they are all local for us but there might be similar near you.

Makemineacabsauv Mon 16-Nov-15 22:40:04

Also given a hamper before and vouchers for a fab farm shop!

carrie74 Tue 17-Nov-15 13:45:56

Cashmere gloves (and hat and scarf) for your mum;

Golf magazine subscription for your dad?

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