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Toffeelatteplease Thu 12-Nov-15 20:56:31

Debating whether to order online or go into the shop. If I order a selections of different christmas bits (bath bombs etc) online anyone know how the stuff is packaged? Are they all individually wrapped? (making them easier to split between different people)

flowers TIA

d270r0 Thu 12-Nov-15 21:41:45

Don't know about lush. But bomb cosmetics are pretty much the same, although I think they're nicer. You can get them at amazon, they do gift sets of about 5 items, quite big, for about £11.40 and they work out much cheaper than lush. They are in a gift set together but if you open it they are individually wrapped in cellophane so you can easily split them up.

Boutonneux Thu 12-Nov-15 22:39:14

I can help with this one as I got quite a shock last year with my order (unless things have changed this year, might be worth checking the website to be on the safe side) - I ordered a variety of bath bombs, bars and all sort of bits and not one thing was individually wrapped. I was a bit put out as it did make it all difficult to wrap and distribute to different people. You'd be better off either going into the shop or ordering the gift sets.

Toffeelatteplease Fri 13-Nov-15 01:22:50

Thanks that was what concerned me.

Have got specific requests for Lush unfortunately not sure alternative will do....

Wagglebees Fri 13-Nov-15 02:59:42

You'd have to place separate orders and then wrap the whole box, minus the delivery info obviously. It's quite fun rummaging around the puffy packaging pieces to dig things out. Like a mini lucky dip.

Or wrap each thing in tissue paper and put them in a gift box with more tissue paper around them.

Kuriusoranj Fri 13-Nov-15 05:01:10

Mine arrived to a (very) foreign destination in one big box, but with some segmentation. Box was stuffed with shredded paper. Sadly we did have a casualty, Santa's features were somewhat smudged l. That was it though.

I love Lush for their policies, particularly on animal testing, as much as the products, so I don't look at alternatives. They don't have affordable shops in my country of residence though, so I have to ship from home.

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