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Christmas for DS9

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PaulAnkaTheDog Tue 10-Nov-15 16:16:07

I am reluctant to discuss Christmas at this point in November but have had half a dozen relatives calling the past few days, so needs must! This seemed the place to go grin

I have a MASSIVE family. As in, at least 20 people buying presents for ds. He knows what he wants from me/ Santa, so that's sorted but I'm massively running out of suggestions for others.

So far people have bought/have said they are going to buy:

The new minecraft for Xbox
Five biggish boxes of Lego
A couple of films he would like
A renewal for Xbox live subscription
Several board games
New nerf guns
A watch
A football strip

I would in an ideal world say to others not to buy him anything (as all that is plenty) but he is the only child in the family for a lot of people and I suspect it might hurt their feelings.

Any suggestions for small, quirky, reasonably priced presents?

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