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where to get a blanket scarf for DD 14?

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traviata Mon 09-Nov-15 21:25:38

A big soft square checked scarf please, for less than £20, in light blue/burgundy/grey sort of colours.

A label that will be ok with a 14 y/o. Not a big name brand, necessarily, but not a mum-label. High Street is fine.

I've looked at Topshop, Asos, TK Maxx, New Look, H&M, with no joy.

nilbyname Mon 09-Nov-15 21:28:31


Also try eBay as these were big last winter too, so maybe some on there?

nilbyname Mon 09-Nov-15 21:31:02

This might be good?


curlycat Mon 09-Nov-15 21:34:03

I got one for dd in newxlook but ive seen them in zara, forever 21 and river island. Holister had them as well

Accessorize have some lovely ones but they are about £22 iirc. Dorothy P's?

traviata Mon 09-Nov-15 21:43:19

some great ideas, thanks.

that Zara one looks very promising.

Accessorize have some for £19

wannabestressfree Mon 09-Nov-15 21:45:29


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