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3D pens - good pressie for 12 yr old?

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MeMyElfandI Mon 09-Nov-15 19:33:37

My DD has mentioned these recently and I thought it might be a good Xmas pressie. Has anyone got one and are they any good? They seem to range in price from £25ish to £90+. I guess you get what you pay for and I wouldn't mind paying for a decent one if they are any good.

ShebaQueen Mon 09-Nov-15 20:29:27

I looked at these too but couldn't make up my mind if they are worth it or not. Reviews on Amazon not great, at least for the ones I looked at (cheaper ones admittedly).

Davros Mon 09-Nov-15 22:28:51

I'm interested too

MeMyElfandI Mon 09-Nov-15 22:34:45

I've spent this evening researching them and there is one by GooDee for about £36 on Amazon which seems to have good reviews so I think I will take the plunge with that one.

raracleopatra Mon 09-Nov-15 22:37:43

My dd won the 'I Do 3d' set , I think it's priced 25 pounds, sorry to say I thought it was absolute rubbish and we couldn't make anything work, maybe there is a knack to it? We quickly lost patience with it, if I had spent 25 pounds on it I would have been disappointed.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 09-Nov-15 22:40:02

30 pens why would anyone need that many?

MooseAndSquirrel Mon 09-Nov-15 22:40:07

I bought a 3d pen in Tesco, go create - £9 for little starter one or £15 for big set (pen, Stencils, backing, three refill colours)
I bought the £9 for DD and it was awesome, bit tricky to start with but i she made/drew a few things (she 7) I highly recommend them!!

MeMyElfandI Mon 09-Nov-15 22:46:43

Thanks for that Moose, didn't know Tesco did the.

Seven - you can never have too many pens, 3d or not grin

AndNowItsSeven Mon 09-Nov-15 23:00:03

Ahh 3dblush I think I need glasses.

trixymalixy Mon 09-Nov-15 23:02:50

I've just been looking at these too. They look a bit fiddly.

FeelingSmurfy Mon 09-Nov-15 23:11:03

Depends on the 12 yr old but I would say the £35-£40 ones are OK, tried a few at a show and bought one (that's the URL) is good for the inks, best place I found.

ladydepp Mon 09-Nov-15 23:14:05

Dd who's 8 got the Ido3d one for her birthday, DH was not impressed and even dd said it was rubbish and was happy to bin it.

MeMyElfandI Tue 10-Nov-15 06:39:33

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will get her the GooDee one given the mixed feedback on the cheaper ones and Smurfy thanks for confirming that rigid ink for the refills is good, some of the reviews for the other ones on Amazon were very mixed.

I sure DD will have hours of fun with it and suspect that I will have to wrestle it off DH grin

FeelingSmurfy Tue 10-Nov-15 10:52:45

You can actually get rigid ink via Amazon (I first saw it there but out of stock, so I searched and found their website) but I would cut out the middle man and go direct. The customer service is brilliant, I ordered the wrong sets and didn't realise for about a month and they were great about swapping them. Good quality and they do tester packs at a good price, which is smaller amounts of 8(?) Colours, perfect for messing about with a pen

It really depends what you expect from the pen in my experience, if you are expecting to make figures etc then its not going to happen (need a 3d printer) but if you want to make flowers, pictures, your name etc then its great. We have made fridge magnets, flowers to go in vases, flowers that stand up on their own etc (good for mothers day!)

Tip - you can make things separately and then "glue" them together using more of the ink

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