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what to send to Australia?

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lostlalaloopsy Mon 09-Nov-15 19:28:05

My very good friend is out in Australia, any ideas what I could send her for Xmas? She is pregnany, baby due early in the New Year. Any ideas will be welcome!!

BerylStreep Mon 09-Nov-15 21:06:48

The Best Friend's Guide to Motherhood Witty and informative. Books are ridiculously expensive in Australia.

Fresh01 Mon 09-Nov-15 21:15:35

We lived there for a while but now back in the UK but do send things over to people for different occasions. In the last 2 years postage costs have had huge hikes. Last time I sent a small parcel and it was £14 in postage! Apart from it was wrapped ready to go, I would have said forget it.

As much as they miss Cadbury's chocolate a big bar of it is very expensive to post! Keep any parcels very light.

M&S and Next both now deliver to Oz so I am going to look into that next time.

Think about the different time of year when buying clothes for the baby. My DC1 was born in Sydney in January (middle of summer) and was 5 weeks old before she wore a long sleeved item of clothing - day or night. She lived in short sleeved coloured vests/romper suits and was wrapped in a Muslim wrap to sleep. The clothes she wore all the time the subsequent children (born in the Uk winters) wore as underwear!

I would say short sleeved tops work well for either sex of baby and can be worn for many months over there. Or long sleeved cotton tops (June-Nov) as they get many months of wear. Socks are always needed.

I did like it when we got sent colourful Next/M&S babygro's for the winter months. As they wash so well compared to some of the Oz brands.

Scotinoz Tue 10-Nov-15 02:20:02

If you're sending baby stuff, send Mothercare. It's lovely stuff and delivery is a bomb from the UK. As Fresh01 said, summer babies here don't wear much. My December baby wore vests for about 3 months.

No7 stuff is lovely grin John Lewis stuff is lovely grin

kiwidreamer Tue 10-Nov-15 12:59:34

I would order from Next or M7S and have it sent to her directly, it wont be wrapped up but will save a bomb on postage - from a NZer living the UK and has spend huuuuuuundreds of pounds on postage over the past decade!!!

kiwidreamer Tue 10-Nov-15 12:59:51

doh... M&S

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