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Talk to me about the Wii U

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NutCrackerSlacker Mon 09-Nov-15 18:12:42

I don't get it. We have a Wii mini, but its knackered and the remotes are broken. Thinking about getting a wii U.

What do I need to buy for two DC (aged 7 and 10) to be able to play Mario Bros and maybe a couple of other games?

I read reviews. I read instructions on Amazon. Yet I still don't understand everything I need to have sorted to be able to have it up and running straight away on Christmas afternoon! <extremely dim technophobe emoticon>

Any advice much appreciated!

debbiewest0 Mon 09-Nov-15 18:29:11

So we bought the premium pack which came with Marino kart which was a good pack. Then You will need two wii remotes for super Mario as the game pad does a different task on that game so if two want to play along the level you need two. That's it.... A good game is wii u party- has loads of mini games on. We got it on Amazon and it came with a remote as well so saved money. We Also chose nintendoland which is under a tenner and has lots of small games on again. Small tip - set it up before the day and then repack it-- it took us over an hour of installing, updates, charging etc before we could play so not good if waiting with the kids!!! but we love it! Hope this helps.

WiryElevator Mon 09-Nov-15 19:03:26

We bought ours the year it came out, took us a whole evening to set it up, including ages doing updates. It came with Nintendoland, we also have various different sports ones we all play together at Xmas, and DD esp likes Wii party and Wii music.

We have the gamepad, a Wii controller and two smaller thingys. [tech]

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