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First Christmas without my mum what to give my stepdad?

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Enkopkaffetak Sun 08-Nov-15 22:26:41

My Step and my mother were together for 39 years and this is the first Christmas without my mother who passed away in May.

I have NO clue what to get him. He lives in Scandinavia (where I am from) and there for it cant be electronic or in English writing,

He is a hunter and that is about his hobby. He loves his family (aka us) so I will likely get him a calender or photo book of the children like mum always got and liked.

However as it is the first one without her I would like something that shows we do give a damn.. (and please no suggestions of a telescope he wont be alone my sister and niece will have him and my dad for Christmas)

y0rkier0se Sun 08-Nov-15 22:57:44

Sorry to hear about your mum. thanks
If he lives in a cold country and enjoys hunting what about a flask and warm hat with maybe a miniature Whisky/Coffee set?

Enkopkaffetak Sun 08-Nov-15 23:09:57

Flasks he has loads of but the hat is not a bad idea.. thank you

Avebury Sun 08-Nov-15 23:33:39

Photo book with lots of pictures of your mum? Do they have a 'Cook' equivalent you could buy vouchers for?

redcaryellowcar Mon 09-Nov-15 06:32:58

I know socks is often seen as a lame present but nice warm walking socks is always a treat for me because I'd probably not buy nice ones myself.

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