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Is anyone else in full-on Christmas mode yet?

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0pheliaBalls Sun 08-Nov-15 12:04:37

Or is it just me?! Last night we had our 'mini Christmas dinner' evening - it's a tradition in our house where we have a mini roast dinner with cava, a cracker each, and a Christmas film (this year it was Lost Christmas, the Eddie Izzard drama from a few years ago which makes me cry every time) on the first Saturday after bonfire night. It's not as madly Christmas as it sounds but we do it to mark the start of the run up, given that bonfire night is the last 'big' thing before Christmas. It's lovely, and when DD was little it was super magical (she's 18 now and loves it just as much).

Anyway I've woken up today with a slightly sore head and I'm feeling soooo Christmassy. I just want to get on with it! Not in a putting up the decs way (although a neighbour has hers up!), just all the lovely lovely Christmas stuff. Is anyone else 'there' already and just too bloody impatient to get going?!

WiIdfire Sun 08-Nov-15 12:05:44

Nope, it's just you.

It's November FFS.

JimmyCorkhill Sun 08-Nov-15 12:07:11

I noticed yesterday that the people over the road have their tree up already if that makes you feel better!

0pheliaBalls Sun 08-Nov-15 12:07:15

On the Christmas board isn't it ALWAYS Christmas?! grin

ZenNudist Sun 08-Nov-15 12:08:29

I bet you buy Easter eggs in January too grin

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Sun 08-Nov-15 12:11:24

I have fake snow on my windows already, I got too excited. I'm giving it a week and putting up my lights, and I don't care grin

We also watched the grinch this morning and plan on watching the muppets christmas carol this afternoon.

I love Christmas. You are not alone.

0pheliaBalls Sun 08-Nov-15 12:16:14

Elsa was beginning to think it WAS just me! grin Ah, what harm does it do to get excited?! There's nothing wrong with sparkly lights and cosiness, even if it is a few weeks before it's deemed acceptable! Your day sounds lovely!

Zen we don't do Easter eggs, but if we did I probably would buy them in January. Being prepared never hurt anyone wink

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sun 08-Nov-15 12:22:06

I feel really Christmassy today! Me and the DD's have watched Elf and are now watching the muppets Christmas carol... I can't wait to put my trees up!

recklessgran Sun 08-Nov-15 14:13:45

Yes, me too! I am being Christmassy all on my own [sort of in secret].DH is fine when Christmas actually comes but is bah humbug until December comes.[His bd is 30th Nov so might be something to do with that.] I love Christmas so I am having a lovely time shopping and getting my fix and lots of ideas from all you lovely mumsnetters-thanks everybody!

MrandMrsB Sun 08-Nov-15 14:20:12

What a misery Wilfire

MrandMrsB Sun 08-Nov-15 14:21:01


GlitteryShoes Sun 08-Nov-15 14:23:54

Oh yes. Put my wreath on the door this morning, watch a Christmas movie ( and played Christmas film bingo) last night. Am clearing out the freezer and starting to make Christmas good today - and have Christmas radio station playing. Luckily my kids are on board and DH knows he is outnumbered!

ChristmasZombie Sun 08-Nov-15 14:30:17

Well, I'm wearing a sparkly Christmas jumper right now, and DD is currently making Christmas decorations with DH! I've been playing Christmas carols in the car for about a week now. Presents are almost all purchased, and wrapping begins on Thursday!

PresidentUnderwood Sun 08-Nov-15 14:32:24

Watched out first Christmas movie on Friday & I've started making space for decorations and tree.

wildfire it's always Christmas here fgrin

TheOnlyPink Sun 08-Nov-15 14:35:17

Not just you! I was reading the "what does your Christmas look like" thread and I'm just so excited for Christmas. We've a few difficult things coming up in November, but once that's over its hopefully worry free. So feel like I'm extra looking forward to it this year!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 08-Nov-15 14:36:32

hmm uncalled for Wildfire - just ignore it on the Christmas thread if you don't embrace it.

I was out on Friday, there are Christmas decorations cropping up , but they were Cerise Pink shock. It's not a Christmas colour IMO.

Once Lakeside (DDs favourite haunt) gets it's decorations up and I hear "Fairytale of New York" in the shops, then the "Ahhhhhhhhhh" feeling washes over. fgrin

The coffee shops have got their festive selections instore (I will plague them into making me a soya version, no cream)

I've started to work my way through my Christmas 'To Buy' list .

We love Lost Christmas we always watch it in November (and December), though I skip the bit about the Dr and the book.

PlymouthMaid1 Sun 08-Nov-15 14:37:28

This thread is barking - am with Wildfire here ... it is early November! Planning a few recipes and picking up gifts seems reasonable but anything more than that seems way over the top to me.

xalyssx Sun 08-Nov-15 14:38:49

I have been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films grin

wickedwaterwitch Sun 08-Nov-15 14:39:56

I'm going to a JL Christmas shopping event next week and intend to have all presents bought and wrapped by the end of November at the latest

I've booked an Ocado shop

Don't do cards

So it's fairly organised!

SideOrderofChips Sun 08-Nov-15 14:41:42

Its the Christmas board.

If you don't do Christmas early don't open the threads

We watched ELF this morning

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 08-Nov-15 14:48:22

There's a world of difference between "You're all barmy" (which we are fgrin ) and FFS.

PjDay Sun 08-Nov-15 14:51:55

I have 80% of the gifts purchased, menu planned, cards ready to write, stamps bought etc. Planning to put our meat order into the farm shop this week too.

Guitargirl Sun 08-Nov-15 14:57:16

The DCs are watching The Christmas Bunny at the moment.

I am loving the idea of a trial run Christmas dinner but am not sure I could get DP (who does all the cooking) on board with it.

I am due to travel to very hot country at the beginning of December for work where it will be their summer. This is going to totally bugger up my festive feelings fconfused

GingerIvy Sun 08-Nov-15 15:08:45

Christmas radio station?

GlitteryShoes Sun 08-Nov-15 15:14:48

Gingerivy, if you have a radio app on your phone, there are hundreds

Look up accuholidays - they have loads. They can be listed under 'holiday' or 'Christmas' genre.

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