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Help! Trying to find Princess Jasmine Magiclip Doll

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TheChocolateDidIt Sun 08-Nov-15 11:39:06

DD (5) is currently writing a letter to Father Christmas. She has asked for a Princess Jasmine Magiclip doll. She has most of the others apart from Merida and Pocahontas (if they even do that one) and she adores them, she wants Jasmine so she can have pairs of sisters and I cannot find one anywhere. Can anyone with superior Christmas present sleuthing skills point me in the right direction please? I don't want to shatter the illusion just yet by telling her that Father Christmas cannot get her dream present. Thank you santa smile

Littlemousewithcloggson Sun 08-Nov-15 11:46:19

We couldn't find one anywhere so DD has the jasmine fashion set. Doll is similar size to magiclip so she was happy enough

Littlemousewithcloggson Sun 08-Nov-15 11:52:07

Someone is selling a new boxed one on eBay along with 2 others. Might be worth seeing if you can get that one and sell the other 2 on. I think Jasmine is rare and possibly discontinued

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sun 08-Nov-15 11:54:43

Disney store do a mini doll playset here playset currently out of stock online but maybe local store or ring to see if its coming back?

They also do a jasmine mini animator doll which is beautiful, I've got dd a few for Christmas smile

And everyone knows sometimes santas elves get muddled up which the lists!!

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sun 08-Nov-15 12:25:07

We got one (and Merida but not pocohontas) at Target in Orlando last year... So they're definitely available.

TheChocolateDidIt Sun 08-Nov-15 15:59:41

Thank you! Could not see all the ones mentioned on EBay but will keep looking.

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