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Xbox 360 Vs Xbox one

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happymummy2010 Sat 07-Nov-15 07:58:24

My DS (12) currently has an old Xbox 360 that his uncle gave him, he has asked for an Xbox One for Christmas, which I see is vey ££££.

I'm not really up on these consoles, so could someone explain to me what the benefits would be to upgrading.. Is it worth buying a Xbox One ?

Does anyone know how long the 360 will continued to be supported and is the rumour true that Microsoft will be switching off the XBox live functionally in 2016 ?


gamerchick Sat 07-Nov-15 08:09:54

Yep it's true, although Microsoft said all along they were only supporting until 2016. I just chose to tune that out though.

It's always worth upgrading but go for 1TB rather than a 500 if you can afford it. You may be able to get another years grace though if you want to wait.

GrimmauldPlace Sat 07-Nov-15 08:39:11

I don't think there's been any confirmation of them switching off the Xbox live functionality in 2016. As gamerchick said, they've been quite open about withdrawing support but I took that to mean no new games, no tech support etc. I don't think they'll shut the servers down yet though. may be wishful thinking
Saying that though, I do think it's worth upgrading if you can. Backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games is coming in. You only have to buy one Xbox live subscription for the whole family, rather than each account. Come next year there won't be new games for the 360. We have both consoles and I do prefer the Xbox one now.

happymummy2010 Sat 07-Nov-15 09:40:29

Thanks for the advice... One further question.. DS has got Lego dimensions for Xbox 360.. Do you know whether that can be used on the XBox One or do you have to buy the version specifically for the Xbox One ??

gamerchick Sat 07-Nov-15 10:12:37

It's not here yet but backwards compatability is coming supposedly this month (?) So 360 discs and downloads as well apparently can be used on the Xbox one.

RainbowRoses Sat 07-Nov-15 10:17:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GrimmauldPlace Sat 07-Nov-15 10:18:21

We haven't got Lego Dimensions yet, hopefully someone will come along who knows for sure. What I should imagine though is that it works in much the same way as skylanders. You'll need the specific game for the console you're using (possibly a different portal also) but the figures should all work cross platform. DS has skylanders on xbox 360, xbox one, DS and ps3 (not all at home, split between grandparents too!) so he has separate discs and portals for all but only one set of characters that work on all of them.

happymummy2010 Sat 07-Nov-15 10:43:03

Wish I hadn't bought the Dimensions for the 360 now.. Should have waited and bought the disc and portal for Xbox One

GrimmauldPlace Sat 07-Nov-15 10:52:29

As gamerchick said though, backwards compatibility might mean it will be playable on the xbox one. You could contact microsoft and ask?

gamerchick Sat 07-Nov-15 10:52:42

Lego dimensions is on the backwards compatability list.

happymummy2010 Sat 07-Nov-15 10:56:20

Thanks... That's good to know

gamerchick Sat 07-Nov-15 10:58:00

Mine aren't yet wails it's going o be like original Xbox all over again I can see it coming angry

RainbowRoses Sun 08-Nov-15 21:31:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GrimmauldPlace Mon 09-Nov-15 07:07:11

I'd say it depends on your family set up, who will be using it? What games do they already play?

We have both, I prefer the xbox one. There are certain games that only come out on one or the other but the majority will be on both. PlayStation used to be a good option as you could play online for free but that changed with the ps4 so will have to buy a subscription, just like Xbox, if online multiplayer is something you want.
Backwards compatibility will be on the Xbox, not the ps4. So if there's an xbox 360 game you want to buy (that's on the list) then you'll be able to play it on the Xbox one.
Both consoles do much the same thing in terms of being able to download Netflix and such apps on to them.
Price wise I don't think there is an awful lot of difference between them anymore.

I feel I'm waffling a little here grin Any specific questions, I'll try to answer!

Noeuf Mon 09-Nov-15 07:13:38

I hate the Xbox one, it's not easy to use (not intuitive?) But ds age 12 loves it. Most of the available games seem to be quite adult.
We also have a ps4 for the younger ones and I find that much easier to use. Both have kinect type sensors, but that seems a bit pointless for the Xbox one.
I'm considering a Wii u for Xmas because the games are so much more child friendly but I don't think it's taken off at all.

RainbowRoses Mon 09-Nov-15 09:37:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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