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Is this a good idea?

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nilbyname Fri 06-Nov-15 23:06:43

My DS will be almost 7 and I have an almost 4 year old dd.

Going to get the wii u as a family present with the super mario kit and the the Lego dimensions as an additional present for DS. Dd would get just dance, sing star and the microphones. And that would be it! Stockings and a few small bits.

Is this a good plan, or are they a bit young for a console? We have iPads, scooters, bikes, and lots of other "big ticket" items.

I feel like as a family we could use the wii, but just wondering if they are too little and we have a few years before we need to enter that world?

Opinions please?

00100001 Fri 06-Nov-15 23:07:31

its a great idea smile

00100001 Fri 06-Nov-15 23:08:15

they're not too young the 6 year old will be in heaven. the 3 yo wont do much wih it, but it will still be nice

DramaAlpaca Fri 06-Nov-15 23:20:39

It's a good idea. When my boys were 8, 7 & 4 they got a games console between the three of them for Christmas, and they each got a game, a few other bits & pieces & a stocking. They were perfectly happy with that.

scarlets Fri 06-Nov-15 23:57:03


gamerchick Fri 06-Nov-15 23:59:50

It's fine but I would use a normal wii remote rather than the screen pad for young kids though.

hippoherostandinghere Sat 07-Nov-15 08:20:19

I have a DS 6 and a DD 4. We got a wii u earlier this year. DS loves it, he's a massive mario fan and uses the wii u a lot. DD never looks at it. She just not interested in it. She's tried to play a few games but I think she's still a bit too young for it and she's a pretty mature 4 year old.

The best games we have are mario kart and super mario 3d world. DS is getting mario maker and a few other games for Christmas.

nilbyname Sat 07-Nov-15 10:11:49

Thank you all for your input, I think we are going to go for it.

PennyHasNoSurname Sat 07-Nov-15 10:15:03

My 3, nearly four, year old dd would bloody love a wii! She doesnt know what one is, and as such hasnt asked for it, but I am certain she would love playing with one. Im trying to hold off til ds (just turned one) is a little older so they can both make use of it.

Good idea OP!

Asheth Sat 07-Nov-15 10:21:13

We got our Wii when Ds1 was nearly 7 and DS2 had just turned 4 and they both loved it! It's a great present!

InQuiteAPickle Sat 07-Nov-15 11:17:11

I definitely don't think that they're too young. My 4 year old is a whizz on Mario Kart, she beats DH!

InQuiteAPickle Sat 07-Nov-15 11:20:10

She would have loved it last year when she was 3, btw. My children are similar age gap to yours and would have been 7 and almost 4 last Christmas. smile

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