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"Main" present for DD age 9 - ideas please!!

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sleepwouldbenice Wed 04-Nov-15 22:54:20

Hi all

looking for any ideas for DD aged9 as her "main" present. I don't mean that it should cost lots, will be great if it doesn't! but just something memorable or for her to look forward to

She has a tablet and music player so dont think she needs anything electronic. She also has an older sister so we tend to have lots of general things like trampolines, bean bags, wii games. I have a few stocking filler ideas but could easily use more of them too as its her birthday a couple of months later too!

Ideas gratefully received!! smile

myotherusernameisbetter Wed 04-Nov-15 22:57:59

Basketball Net
skates/ice skates
Set of new bedroom stuff
Sewing Machine
Musical Instrument
Tennis Racket and lessons

ja9r Wed 04-Nov-15 23:25:31

i had some ideas for you but yon with the mahoosive username has beat me to it wink

great list!

myotherusernameisbetter Wed 04-Nov-15 23:30:54


I don't even have a 9 year old girl, i just missed my calling as a personal shopper...

Happyminimalist Wed 04-Nov-15 23:32:46

Audible membership for stories

sleepwouldbenice Thu 05-Nov-15 00:54:19

Oh gosh thanks for all those - but...

Scooter - got
Basketball Net - sister got
skates/ice skates - could get but long story
Heelys - got her sisters (but will check size)
Set of new bedroom stuff - did last year for birthday
Sewing Machine - got last year for xmas
Camera - maybe but uses tablet
Musical Instrument - just started flute at school, uses her sisters old one
Tennis Racket and lessons - got one and just did lessons at school

Sorry hope I dont sound ungrateful.... how does the audible membership work? might be an idea?

Any more...... thanks

PavlovtheCat Thu 05-Nov-15 01:07:23

great ideas here for me too! bookmarking lazy

NewMrsX Thu 05-Nov-15 06:29:22

Tickets to a concert/show/Harry Potter Studios etc?

Nearlyadoctor Thu 05-Nov-15 07:08:22

Lego - Elves or Stars Wars both coveted by my DD.
Large lush gift box
Kindle e reader
3Ds and games
Ugg boots
Clever Keet - little live pets ( a bit faddy but it's Christmas)

BlueStarsAtNight Thu 05-Nov-15 07:17:53

My niece loved her furry that could be controlled by an app at that age. Is she into sciency things at all? Maybe a telescope?
Baking set (personalised bowl/apron etc)?

BlueStarsAtNight Thu 05-Nov-15 07:18:30


cantgonofurther Thu 05-Nov-15 07:29:43

A keyboard.

lavendersun Thu 05-Nov-15 07:32:14

DD (9) here - fairly mature for her age. Doesn't need anything. We have bought her a new rug for her room and a new bedside table lamp. Books, endless books, a Decopatch Owl (she loves owls) and a few other small things I can't remember.

The only thing toy wise she is interested in is Schleich (and Lego and Meccano but I am not buying any more of either of those because we are overflowing).

I have bought this and a few other Schliech Bayala things - she is not terribly 'girly' but loves mythology and all her Schliech elves take on names/characters from mythology grin.

tassisssss Thu 05-Nov-15 09:11:29

We got ours a kindle last year which was a massive success

If we can clear enough space in our garage our trio are getting a table tennis table.

I just looked at Clever keets thinking like little live pets they might be about a tenner, HOW MUCH?!!!!

Holstein Thu 05-Nov-15 09:24:36

Tassis, may I ask how much you've spent on books for said kindle this year? My 9yo would love one, but I prefer them to have physical books (for lending to each other, or friends) so not sure I want to go electronic, particularly when electronic versions aren't really much cheaper IME (I have my own kindle).

FranksBobot Thu 05-Nov-15 10:36:44

We've bought a voucher for a local salon. It's for a hair wash, cut, blow dry followed by mini manicure and pedicure with polish.

DD (9) is always wanting me to do her nails at home so thought this would be a bit more special. Have reserved an appointment for New Year's Eve in case she wants to use it then before we go out for dinner. Bonus being if she doesn't want to use it then, I can get my hair done!!

tassisssss Thu 05-Nov-15 14:27:50

Holstein, I totally agree re physical books and she actually got a big stash of proper books for her b'day in September so hasn't used it since then.

We pre-loaded it with a load of free/very cheap books, from about March to Sept then she's had a book most months none costing more than about £3.

Holstein Thu 05-Nov-15 18:46:35

Thats not too bad then, certainly less than we spend on books each year.

Thereshegoesagain Thu 05-Nov-15 18:56:07

We did clothing vouchers last year and it went down a storm, we'll be doing that again this year.

Jw35 Thu 05-Nov-15 19:03:48

My 12 year old is getting a build a bear voucher

Past presents:
Hamster and cage

Sadik Thu 05-Nov-15 20:50:36

Sort of intermediate between big present, but I'm wondering whether a 9 y/o would wear these sort of animal accessories? (I'm actually specifically wondering whether a quite grown up 8 y/o would! The pics on the shop site aren't great, but they look good IRL)

I've got a teenage dd, and she loves them in an ironic-cosplay-fantasy-convention sort of way. Couldn't decide if they'd be a hit with a younger pre-teen, or if they'd be too old for dressing up, and too young for cosplay (and if anyone would like to enlighten me on the difference between cosplay and dressing up, do feel free grin )

Sadik Thu 05-Nov-15 20:51:35

< That was meant to say 'intermediate between big present and stocking filler' - oops >

Flossieflower01 Thu 05-Nov-15 20:54:55

My 9yo DD is getting tickets for Strictly Live and various bits and pieces- already has loads of Lego etc and getting a bit old for toys, has phone, tablet etc as electronics- it's difficult!!

sleepwouldbenice Thu 05-Nov-15 21:44:50

Thank you all!! Making notes.....

Holstein Fri 06-Nov-15 00:35:53

Tassiss- sorry, another kindle question. Is there any way to prevent browsing? I mean, how do you stop them from buying half of amazon?

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