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Kids Christmas party

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curriegirl Wed 04-Nov-15 07:46:10

DS doesn't often get the chance to have friends over after school because of where we live and my working hours. I am off for 2 weeks at Christmas and plan to let him have 3/4 friends over on the Monday or Tuesday just before Christmas.

I will do some party food for them but do I just let them play or should I try and organise a few games? We have a small house. 2 bedroom cottage so not masses of space inside. Is it easier just to let them get on with it? He's 7.

His birthday is in the summer and we usually take him to something organised for his birthday so zoo or trampoline park etc. Not used to having lots of kids in the house! Thank you.

Littlemousewithcloggson Wed 04-Nov-15 08:43:41

I have girls not boys but often do larger play dates too due to working full time. I usually have them for a few hours and in that time we do a couple of activities eg decorate fairy cakes/gingerbread men, make a bracelet, magnet etc . We also play some games or have a "disco". Even after feeding them it still leaves an hour or so for them to amuse themselves but they do tend to make a mess!
Once I did a Frozen play date where they came dressed up, made frozen crafts, decorated frozen cakes and then watched the Frozen sing a long film together. Was great fun and kept the mess controlled! Maybe a boy theme (lego, Star Wars etc)?

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Wed 04-Nov-15 08:47:44

They spend every school hour being organised, let them have some free time. Tip the lego out, put the wii on, leave out some craft stuff. Open the back door.

Floggingmolly Wed 04-Nov-15 08:48:06

I'd have a few ideas up my sleeve just in case they need a bit of direction, but in all probability they'll just want to run around and get on with it, and will reject all your carefully planned themes.
Good luck smile

inchoccyheaven Wed 04-Nov-15 08:57:37

We just held a halloween party for 11, 11-14 year olds and we let them do what they wanted for about half hour or so until started to get too silly and then played games to get them back under control. Left food out the whole time so could help themselves whenever wanted.

curriegirl Wed 04-Nov-15 09:02:02

Thanks for your tips! WonderI got if going. For pizza might be easier!

curriegirl Wed 04-Nov-15 09:02:26

Blasted iPad. Wonder if going for pizza might be easier!

CandyRainShower Wed 04-Nov-15 18:36:19

What about a Christmas film, popcorn and hot dogs ? With some back up activities, Lego etc for after or for any that can't sit still

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