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Bodyshop customer service

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Trudee Tue 03-Nov-15 21:16:01

Anyone with any experience of their customer service?
I've just placed an order using code 14319 which is £15 off a £30 spend which showed up during check out but my Paypal receipt shows that they've taken the full amount and not applied any discount angry . I've emailed them asking for the £15 to be refunded and just wondered how simple a process this is likely to be cos I really can't be arsed with having to return the order and then reorder everything sad

popcornpaws Wed 04-Nov-15 10:39:34

Good luck with them!
My dh was overcharged in a store, they had a big 50% off promotion and i gave him a list of items i would like for christmas, he said they didn't have the promotion on in store the manager told him, i checked online and yes it stated in store and online.
It took many emails and phone calls to get a refund, it was a fair amount they ripped me off to.
Eventually they sent a gift card, so actually it wasn't really a refund at all!
But shocking doesn't even cover it, ignored emails, the manager of the store was always too busy to talk on the phone, said she would call back, didn't...

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