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No clue what to buy DC...what are you buying DD4 and DS6?

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messystressy Tue 03-Nov-15 20:47:00

Please help? I'm already being hounded by family as to what they should buy DC for Christmas. My two love arts and crafts and drawing. My DD is into dolls, but we have lots of doll stuff. My DS is getting over a dinosaur obsession, now waning. His favourite toy at the moment is the easel. We have stacks of arts and crafts stuff.

I suspect my DD might like something animal related - she likes rabbits, cats and horses. My son likes marbles and lego. Any suggestions gratefully received! We tried Playmobil last year - don't think they ever went near it after Christmas Day. First world problems....

EmGee Tue 03-Nov-15 20:58:59

I know you say you have lots of art stuff but Djeco art/craft sets and
Aquarellum paint sets are rather special. They have lots of themes so you are bound to find something to suit your kids' tastes.

What about Kapla blocks or Magnatiles for both kids?

Have you got a marble run?

Chocolatekeepsmesane Tue 03-Nov-15 21:01:12

My dd4 is getting octonaughts, she likes sylvanian families too.
Ds is getting a marble run with a lift type thing so they go as well as done and Jurassic world Lego.

outputgap Tue 03-Nov-15 21:08:02

I have a dd4 who is getting a bike, a Lottie doll and clothes (, Barbie doll and wardrobe (latter two cheap courtesy of the bargain thread), a bloody design a friend doll and books. It's very doll heavy. I might get some aquabeads for the stocking.

We have it already but she loves kinetic sand. Would yours like it?

HairOfMooseyMoo Tue 03-Nov-15 21:09:27

For your DD what about a My First Sticky Mosaic? There's a pony version

messystressy Tue 03-Nov-15 21:13:55

Oh good ideas! About to ebay a load of Octonauts stuff (much to my sadness, it was wonderful seeing them so excited about underwater creatures).

Magnatiles and kapla blocks look great! Jurassic park lego great idea also! This is fab! smile

messystressy Tue 03-Nov-15 21:16:10

Good god, why didn't I ask on here years ago! Thanks so much!

Littlemousewithcloggson Tue 03-Nov-15 21:25:29

Teksta kitty/puppy
Play doh
Board games
Design a friend doll
Build a bear
Card making set
Candle making set
Top trumps
Basketball and hoop
Hama beads
Aqua beads
Lego friends
My little pony
Stencils and paints
Glitter tattoos

Littlemousewithcloggson Tue 03-Nov-15 21:26:05

Marble run
Domino run
Flutterbye fairy

Littlemousewithcloggson Tue 03-Nov-15 21:27:21

Also, the little live pets are good fun

1122christy Tue 03-Nov-15 21:29:46

My dds are 3 & 5 and ds7 so just slightly older.
The girls are getting a doll house for Sylvanian families, Hama beads, play doh,Disney mini animators, old style polly pockets, playmobil, tamagotchi, little live pets turtle tank & owl, school play set, mosaic art set, card making set

My son Lego dimensions, Lego, Minecraft figures and sword, hero mashers Star Wars and avengers ones, horrible histories box set, Star Wars micro machines, goosebumps books, LED drawing pad. Tamagotchi

Not all from me I'd like to add lol

OSETmum Tue 03-Nov-15 23:09:06

DS is 6 and is getting a trials push bike and new helmet from us and a full size keyboard from Santa, with a microphone, headphones, stand, music book etc to go with it, plus his stocking of course. Last year we went for quality over quantity and it was sooo nice to not have to look at a massive pile and wonder where to put it!

OSETmum Tue 03-Nov-15 23:11:04

Oh and books, you can't forget books! I've got DS the first 2 Harry Potter books.

Oh yeah (sorry I keep remembering more) he's newly aircraft obsessed and his grandad fixes them so he's getting his first airfix sets (red arrows and Tornado).

DeltaSunrise Wed 04-Nov-15 04:02:33

Ds1 is 6 and is getting Lego Ninjago x3 sets, light saber blade builders, remote control r2d2, Lego Star Wars encyclopaedia, operation board game, nerf gun and Brain of electronics set

Ds2 is 5 and getting Lego city Arctic x2 and Lego batman set, light saber blade builders, interactive hulk buster figure, Ninjago dictionary, scrabble Jnr, nerf gun and Magformers set.

Easel, Jurassic world Lego, police Lego and marble run have been big hits here.

DeltaSunrise Wed 04-Nov-15 04:02:59

Brain box electronics kit even

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Wed 04-Nov-15 05:41:28

My ds is a yr1 5yr old and he is getting lego, playmobil, superhero and Scooby doo stuff

He also likes the switch and go dino but has most of them they are like transformers but easier.

He has also requested articulate junior game so will ask someone to get him that

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Wed 04-Nov-15 05:43:47

Messy I boxed up the Octonauts stuff recently ready for ds2 when older must have over £1k worth!!

KittyCatPumpkin Wed 04-Nov-15 09:17:34

DD4 is getting duplo and lego junior. There are some fab pony ones, also melissa and doug horse stables, where you can write the name of the horses above their box!
She is also getting a cheap DS and some age appropriate games, as she covets her big brothers

DS7 (in aug) is getting a Wii U,Games for that, Pokemon things, Batman Lego and some other bits and bobs, but he is very video game orientated. He loves animals too, so books about them, fiction and non fiction, will keep him happy for hours

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