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I bought my one and only Christmas decoration for this year today!

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BathshebaDarkstone Mon 02-Nov-15 11:44:41

We can only afford one a year and are gradually building up our collection. It's a red, glittery Merry Christmas garland. Now I'm going around singing Solstice Bells by Jethro Tull! Now to write the present list...

Roobix04 Mon 02-Nov-15 11:48:33

I'm doing the same. 7 years ago when we'd only been together 8 months dp bought a cheap tree and a pack of baubles for his flat as a lovely surprise. They're nice and remind of his beautiful gesture but I buy something new to add every year or so. It's a nice tradition.

Chrysanthemum5 Mon 02-Nov-15 11:58:27

We've always done this in my family. It started because mum had no money so limited it to one new decoration per year. I kept that on, and now my tree has lots of memories - I can look back and think about when I bought each one. The DCs love the fun of choosing the new decoration, although I do let them pick one each if they really can't agree.

Enjoy your festive fun!

BathshebaDarkstone Mon 02-Nov-15 13:04:20

Thank you, I intend to! You too! santa

PurpleDaisies Mon 02-Nov-15 13:07:42

Starting on our honeymoon, every time we go on holiday we buy a painted bauble for the tree. It is sometimes a bit odd finding a Christmas shop in the baking hot summers but it is really lovely getting them all out and remembering where we've been.

BathshebaDarkstone Mon 02-Nov-15 14:42:14

That sounds lovely Purple

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