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Xmas present ideas for a 10mth old

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littlebearsmummy Sun 01-Nov-15 20:47:08

I'd quite happily buy only one or two practical things for the little one as all she'll be interested in is the wrapping and box!! But, her 2 elder sisters very much believe in Santa and will definitely suspect something if the baby doesn't at least get a few presents in a stocking! And we have so much as she's baby no 3 in this house and we kept lots of things. What's your baby getting?

cantgonofurther Sun 01-Nov-15 21:15:58

My baby boy will be 11months and stuck for ideas as he is the youngest so already have most toys etc. I am getting some duplo as a shared gift with our 3year old. I will probably just get some small token gifts and clothes. I am thinking of getting him some little people cars. He will be getting a ride on for his birthday in January.

Beth2511 Sun 01-Nov-15 21:35:46


KiwiLaura Sun 01-Nov-15 21:43:31

15 months old at Christmas.. Our first so have gone a bit mad. blush

The one thing I am waiting for pricedrops for is the Fisher Price BeatBo. But besides that a couple of board books, first puzzles, mega bloks bag, some toot toot cars and one of the garages (the one that has hardly any 'bits' to attach to it so he can't tear it apart), an aqua splash mat, a little vtech vacuum cleaner, things like that.

Stocking wise I've put some individual toot toot cars in (the animals are cute too, but chose cars for DS), some weebles, a bubble wand, a little soft touch ball, etc.

NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown Sun 01-Nov-15 21:49:17

DD will be just 1, also DC3. So far on my list is
Doidy cup
Snack box
Soft toy like one of her siblings as she loves it

I'm stuck for ideas too as there's already lots in the house for her but in a similar position

Other ideas that may work
Individual playmobil/123 people
Wooden train that's hers if DC have a set
Anything age appropriate with her name on
Anything else practical that she'd be getting anyway in the next few months - flannel/cutlery/clothes/accessories that can be wrapped up

It's hard isn't it?

littlebearsmummy Sun 01-Nov-15 21:55:46

We have quite a bit of happy land but will look into a small extra set. Have found some toot toot animals and some new bath toys! Good suggestions, thank you. Might even stretch to a vtech Hoover!

daisydalrymple Sun 01-Nov-15 22:28:29

Ds2 will be 14mo on Christmas day, also dc3. We've told ds1 and dd well in advance that Santa likes to recycle, so he will probably stop in the loft on his way down. Like you, we kept a fair bit of good stuff.

However, there are a few things that we will need to buy new i've realised, so off Santa he's having his own ride-on car / or maybe the thomas one (having invested heavily in wooden railways and engines over the last 8 yrs, that's an interest we're keen to encourage grin ), dressing gown and the tomy hide and squeak eggs, as never had them before.

In his stocking, a little buggy book, Disney cd, thomas socks wink, and usual satsuma and maybe little biscuits. Have also got a lovely set of cards from M&S on a plastic ring, my first words type, which I'm hoping will go on the pram. Lovely bright colours / contrast on the photos.

I have gone through all the baby / toddler books and am getting rid of anything chewed / tatty or that was obviously cheap and naff to read (you know those books that never read well or made any sense and your heart would sink on the rare occasion you had to read them!) and am replacing with any classic board books we missed and a couple of decent lift the flap books. Have found a fab one for his birthday,, which he has absolutely loved, as the colours are so strong, and it has a similar one we'll get for Christmas. Can't link on phone but search sneak a peek colours, and sneak a peek words priddy on Amazon.

Also got him his own new bath book and little squirts toys set, so managed to find matching flannels (all hungry caterpillar), rather than the worn and faded third hand baby flannels we have.

From the loft, wooden toddle truck, wooden postbox shape sorter and a click clack caterpillar.

Ok, that's loads.....

daisydalrymple Sun 01-Nov-15 22:36:04

For his birthday last week, he had the ELC my first gadget set, which he has so far loved! - I thought they looked awful at first, as they look really similar to a sky remote, smart phone and real car keys... But that's obviously the point, as he's always shunned the bright coloured toy phones from ds1 and dd and makes a bee line for sky remote and my phone. He never watches TV and when the other two watch it he barely pays any attention, but he will aim the remote straight at the TV and press any button he can, ditto with my phone, I hardly use it around him, but he'll put it straight to his ear, then try to reach to my ear with it.

missmargot Mon 02-Nov-15 12:46:43

I was very low key with 11 month old DS last Christmas but I did look ahead to the rest of the year and things he would likely need in the near future and bought ahead so he had presents under the tree.

He also loved the festive 'That's Not My Reindeer' and 'That's Not My Santa' books.

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