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Minecraft and tablets

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herecomesthsun Sun 01-Nov-15 12:47:10

I was thinking of getting DS a kindle fire (child version) and he would like to play minecraft on it (he is 7). However, looking at the spec
1) I am not sure how good the version of minecraft would be
2) the Gb is only 8 and 3 is taken up with the child-specialised software so only 5 games or so would be downloadable and usable apparently
3) if he got it on my account, apparently he could only play games if my account were open to him, so he could download more, which would come off my credit card (!)
4) it would come with a Prime account, great for an instant library, but he would then whinge to kingdom come to have it continued.

I still like many aspects of the kids kindle fire but am thinking of waiting till they sort some of these things out before buying one, what do you think?

It might make a good birthday pressie for May...

notenoughbottle Sun 01-Nov-15 17:40:13

You'd probably do better getting a normal tablet that you can download whatever you want on to, 8 gb really isn't much and I think he'd be quite limited with it. You can get something like an ASUS Meno etc for less than £100 and download Kindle app etc onto it if that's what you were looking for too. He shouldn't be able to download games without you're permission via a password which should be accessible to you in the settings.

herecomesthsun Sun 01-Nov-15 17:40:56

Well, I went to John Lewis and found a clearance Chromebook for £79, too good not to get. However, I think it is going to get used before Xmas. I am still wondering about a Kindle, I might see whether any deals are good come black Friday or the January sales.

whatsonyourplate Sun 01-Nov-15 17:46:27

You can password protect your account so he can't download stuff without your say so. The kindle version of minecraft does have differences to the pc and Xbox versions but is still very playable. The youtuber Dan TDM has recently been playing minecraft on a tablet (as he broke his hand and couldn't play on the pc properly) if you want to have a look at game play.
If you are worried about space taken up by the preloaded apps you could get a standard kindle fire, we find ours pretty durable.

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