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shouldwestayorshouldwego Sun 01-Nov-15 11:11:27

Thinking about getting a language game, probably Spanish. Have seen brainbox spanish and race to madrid or the individual packs of kloo cards. Race to madrid seems more than I would usually spend on a board game but seems highly rated. Dh is trying to learn Spanish. Dd2 (8) and ds (6) have Spanish lessons - their choice. Dd1 might learn Spanish or French next year but is a reluctant linguist. Dh and ds can introduce themselves and do basic numbers / animals etc. Dd2 has had lessons for longer and has a wider vocab. Ds can read English fluently, dd2 still struggles a bit with reading.

I am wondering whether anyone has both games to compare them. Which has the most long time use? Would it help them to learn above and beyond a dvd for example. They play on Spanish apps etc. They tend to enjoy card games more than board games.

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