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Kurio or innotab???

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tanya1312 Thu 29-Oct-15 11:08:43

My youngest had the leappad 3 but has broken it , I want to replace it and currently looking at the kurio and innotab, what are people's opinions what is best/differences many thanks xx

NotSayingImBatman Thu 29-Oct-15 19:46:22

I've bought the new Kurio tab 2 for DS1 who will be a few days off 4 at Christmas. Had it out of the box last night to check it works and it seems great! Has a parent profile and can set up five or six different children's profiles which apply web filters based on their age.

Can also plug it into the TV and use it to play motion sensitive sports games like baseball and roller skating. I think he's going to love it and it's only £80 at Smyths at the moment.

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