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The Disney Frozen Elsa Magic Snow Sleeve

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Effiewhaursmabaffies Tue 27-Oct-15 13:04:08

Has anybody bought the thing - its supposed to shoot ice and snow? Does it work? Is a pile of crap? DD2 wants it for chrimbo, but I kind of figure it will break after 5 minutes, so ai am asking for reviews please before I buy.

Chelazla Tue 27-Oct-15 15:29:07

My daughter wants it too but I'm just thinking that it shoots water all over the house?? And I'm not even precious bout mess!!!

ThoughtfulPenny Tue 27-Oct-15 15:38:54

My 4 year old wants it. I looked up reviews on amazon, it shoots silly string which lasts about 5 mins until it's all gone and then it's £7 for a refill :/
Don't think Ill be buying it

Effiewhaursmabaffies Wed 28-Oct-15 12:34:49

bThNks for the replies. it sounds like a summer present anyway. Unfortunately her other request is a puppy, so i will have a disappointed little girl. Back to the drawing board........

Partybugs Wed 28-Oct-15 13:07:22

Apparently the spray canisters run out really fast and are £7-£8 each to replace. I really don't want my 7yr old to get it as I've heard nothing but super negative reviews about it and it's blooming £28!! I've got her other big presents like Playmobil and Lego... But this sleeve thing has been the only thing she keeps on mentioning. Decisions ....

Effiewhaursmabaffies Thu 29-Oct-15 13:25:35

Ditto Partybugs. Plastic shite, who can beat it....

ijustwannadance Thu 29-Oct-15 13:32:43

You could probably get cheapo silly string in pound shops to replace used one. Similar thing out a while ago that was spiderman shooting 'webs'

leccybill Thu 29-Oct-15 16:35:14

DD age 5 announced 'Oh my goodness, I am rubbing out my whole list NOW because that is all I want' about the bloody Snow Sleeve. I looked it and thought no way. I thought we'd seen the last of Frozen themed plastic shite.

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