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Christmas garland for stairs

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ipadmad Mon 26-Oct-15 14:09:58

Hi, can anyone please recommend a good Christmas garland to wrap around the stairs, lit or unlit, thanks

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 26-Oct-15 18:13:19

I'm going to look at the Costco one (9' long , prelit)

My garlands are really scruffy, I had to twist 2-3 together, on the lookout for new ones myself.

I'll report back on the Costco ones wink

GingerIvy Mon 26-Oct-15 18:34:24

I got the 9ft one for £7.99 from The Range last year and was quite happy with it. It's just the greenery, and I dressed it up with ornaments and lighting that matched my decor. I'd rather do that than pay a fortune for a predecorated one. I used it on my staircase.

Every1KnowsJeffTheJerkOlantern Mon 26-Oct-15 18:38:00

I have these. Bought them about 3/4 years ago. Absolutely love them.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 26-Oct-15 19:36:49

I've got the Bethlehem Lights wreath and a garland (bought seperate) . I don't think the garland I have is that long IIRC

They have the batteries supplied (just remember to take them out at the packing away stage) they have a timer. Lovely

iwantanewcar Mon 26-Oct-15 19:45:53

following as my garland is on its last legs! I would like a pre lit one.

Every1KnowsJeffTheJerkOlantern Mon 26-Oct-15 19:50:26

70 yes you're right, they aren't that long. We needed 3 of them for our stairs.

kiwidreamer Mon 26-Oct-15 20:26:21

Ooooh I've coveted the Costco prelit garland for a few years now, this might be the year I splurge grin

SymphonyofShadows Tue 27-Oct-15 07:18:27

Next usually do nice ones. How much is the Costco one? I must have missed it on the past.

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