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What will you get for your 10 year old DD this year?

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Noofly Mon 26-Oct-15 08:38:58

DD doesn't want anything for Christmas! I'm really struggling for ideas. So far I'm thinking that I'll get her a bunch of books that I loved at that age (American, so not as popular over her) and some "credit" for those ipad games she loves to play but we never let her spend money on.

She likes horses and her dog. She never wants "things" so I'm thinking about possibly doing a nice day out with her, but it's not really the same as opening a present.

DS is easy. He loves things and has a never ending wish list!

What does your DD want?

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Mon 26-Oct-15 08:44:17

A onesie and a Harry Potter calendar is all she wants. I'm thinking tickets for a musical, she loves going to the theatre.

Noofly Mon 26-Oct-15 17:18:31

Oh, a onesie and calendar are good ideas!

It's such a hard age. Not hit the teenage years yet, but getting too old for kiddie toys...

wonderpants Mon 26-Oct-15 17:25:50

I have fimo, zoella books, nice water colouring pencils, teddy blanket and v pillow from dunelm mill and sims 4 headphones for one DD, and the other like MLP stuff, latest now cd, strictly tickets.
And then some primark socks, lipgloss, cheap stocking fillers!

ArthurChristmas Mon 26-Oct-15 17:34:41

We have 10th birthday today. Surrounded by smiggle, books, nice colouring things, converse, lots of clothes and suprisibgly popular a jigsaw. That might give some ideas.

Xmas is so far a playmobil set and a rc helicopter. I may get a Christmas Lego set. I'd love to find a nice quality blanket, having just got rid of a drawer of old character ones that she's clearly grown out of, no luck finding one so far though!!

Redberrypie Mon 26-Oct-15 17:40:20

Arthur how about a photo blanket?

We're getting dsd 10 a popcorn machine, pyjamas, tickets to a musical, frozen bath fizz, gymnastics ribbon and straws with connectors.

Nevergoingtolearn Mon 26-Oct-15 17:40:30

Dd (almost 10) has asked for
A pop corn maker
A kayak hmm
A Keytar ( can't find one anywhere )

BrandNewAndImproved Mon 26-Oct-15 17:44:10

Dd is ten in January.

So far
Harry Potter trivial pursuit
Pikachu onesie and pikachu slippers
Harry Potter colouring in book
Minecraft Squid soft toy
A really good Greek mythology book

I will probably get the norse mythology book to go with that and some really nice colouring in pens and arty stuff.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Mon 26-Oct-15 18:18:03

My DD has a couple of good mythology books Brandnew.


and this

I was wondering about Smiggle stuff, they were all crazy for it before the schools broke up this summer, but the craze seems to have passed in our house. I do usually get a few nice stationary bits, the DCs and I spend ages browsing in Paperchase on Saturday.

sassytheFIRST Mon 26-Oct-15 18:25:21

Paperchase vouchers great extra.

BrandNewAndImproved Mon 26-Oct-15 19:07:16

whoknows the second one you linked is the one I've got for dd! Glad to know it's a good one and I'll have a look at the beast one thanks.

Oo what's paperchase?

sassytheFIRST Mon 26-Oct-15 19:32:24

Posh expensive stationery chain. Most naice high streets have one. Or online.

CamilleDesmoulins Mon 26-Oct-15 19:37:37

Popcorn maker was a big hit here. My DD wants stuff for her room - mood lamp, fibre optic lamp etc. She also wants a metal detector but not sure if the cheap ones are any good. I just bought a make your own felt tips set from Tesco ( half price) which I think she will love. I am wondering about a geocaching kit?

BrandNewAndImproved Mon 26-Oct-15 19:37:47

Thanks sassy

SleepyForest Mon 26-Oct-15 19:42:15

The new illustrated Harry Potter is a lovely book. We have gone for stationary and cuddly toys in this house.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Mon 26-Oct-15 21:48:33

DH and I had a popcorn maker years ago, it was great fun but we decluttered it to save space when we realised it was just as easy to do in a big pyrex bowl in the microwave with a plate over it. Might get some of those cinema style reusable popcorn holders though.

MARGUERITE18 Mon 26-Oct-15 21:52:52

agility stuff for the dog/garden

Partybugs Mon 26-Oct-15 22:07:00

Lego Elsa palace
Minecraft stuff
Book of Life poster (and a figure of La Muerte)
Harry Potter illustrated book
Harry Potter colouring book
Matilda theatre tickets
Smelly colouring pens

Vernonon Tue 27-Oct-15 12:04:54

Mine wants an iPod. Last year they had X factor tickets which thrilled them

ScarlettDarling Tue 27-Oct-15 12:06:15

A subscription to a favourite magazine?

LocalEditorMerton Tue 27-Oct-15 15:34:09

Disney's Descendants is HUGE with 10 year old girls in this part of SW London, so any related merchandising is likely to be a hit IMHO!

fairyjasmine Tue 27-Oct-15 16:31:58

Mine was 11 in the Summer, but some stuff on the possible list for her:

Candy floss maker + flavoured sugars from Ebay
DS games - Happy Home Designer, Hatsune Miku
Twilight DVDs
Disney Infinity 3
Stitch stuff : onesie, plush, mug
Kawaii box subscription for 3 months
Lush goodies
Books: Zoella's new one, new Jacqueline Wilson
Primark socks
Smiggle stuff - maybe Build A Light, maybe the star projector light
Edible stuff - Lucky Charms pot, sweets, chocs

I've already bought her some emoji cushions and a light up star cushion.

I've seen polaroid printers recommended for this age group but they're not cheap. I'd be tempted if they were <£50. I will keep an eye out for Black Friday deals though smile

Nevergoingtolearn Tue 27-Oct-15 16:39:52

I forgot about Smiggle, both dd's love Smiggle.

Dd would love pop tarts for Christmas as I always refuse to buy them ( too expensive and to much sugar ).

Dd1 (11) is getting a laptop so won't be getting much else other than small silly things or things she needs, my parents are buying her a microscope and her dad is getting her a printer, she has asked for Lego technics ( will have to wait for her birthday ), she will be getting a onesie, underwear, lush bath bombs and some books.

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