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ideas wanted please!

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Cupcakemumma123 Sun 25-Oct-15 00:35:18

Hi, this is my first post on mums net so I hope I've done it right!

I'm looking for ideas and inspiration for sticking fillers and Christmas presents for my daughter who will be 20 months at Christmas. She's my first and is developing all the time so would like to know from those with experience what sort of things will be suitable then.
I'm a great believer it not giving children toys ahead of their time as they grow up next to it and by the time they are developmentally ready to use it properly, it's not interesting because it's not new! Hope this makes sense!

So far I have got a couple of bath toys, peg puzzles, a rag doll, a plastic picnic set, and a shopping basket with toy food.

All other ideas greatly received. Many thanks smile

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