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Bargain presents for best friend

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SalemSaberhagen Fri 23-Oct-15 21:03:30

My best friend always gets DD and I really lovely birthday and Christmas presents. She puts a lot of thought in, and gets some really great things.

This Christmas I am on an extremely tight budget; working PT and sorting DD means I don't have much in the way of present allowance.

Does anybody have any really great bargain ideas that still look a lot? I did her a stocking last year so can't really repeat it. She doesn't care about how much I spend I know, but she is such a great friend she deserves something nice!

HSMMaCM Fri 23-Oct-15 21:29:57

Bake her some cupcakes? She'll know that's a personal effort?

Jackmelad Fri 23-Oct-15 21:32:00

Have you got a TKMAX near you? You can frequently buy some lovely things for a good price. I only buy my BF token presents and can often find a little something for around £10. Not sure if that is within your budget?

If budget is less, how about a bottle of wine or make something such as some fudge, or buy a paperback book?

TelephoneTree Fri 23-Oct-15 21:50:14

This will sound strange but bear with me - when my Mum was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I bought a tiny notebook from Paperchase and I wrote one thing per page that I loved about her / she'd taught me / a memory. It was very personal and contained things one would normally only tell someone else or wish you'd told them after they'd died. She absolutely loved it.

OhHolyFuck Fri 23-Oct-15 22:00:43

Search "womdee" or "tonsee" on Amazon - nice scarves, cushion covers, bags etc for a few quid

SalemSaberhagen Fri 23-Oct-15 22:46:10

Thanks guys, I'll check these out!

Telephone, what a beautiful idea. And a memory in itself, I'm sure flowers

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