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Interesting little loop-hole in the M&S christmas food ordering!

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BigSandyBalls2015 Fri 23-Oct-15 11:50:29

I did an online order last week, paid my deposit, and received an email with a code number to pick up a free bottle of wine or box of chocs next time I'm in store.

Realised earlier this week that I'd made a mistake with the order so rang them to change it. They emailed me a copy of the changes ..... and another email appeared with a different code for free wine or chocs grin.

So if I alter my order every week from now until xmas I should have a lovely selection of wine for the xmas/ny period!!

MyballsareSandy2015 Fri 23-Oct-15 14:14:35

Just picked them up, result!!

Trumpton Sat 24-Oct-15 08:10:07

Oh I will try that. But the early bird offer of wine or chocs finishes on 9th November.

AFewGoodWomen Sat 24-Oct-15 09:48:57

Er, that's pretty borderline, isn't it?

Palomb Sat 24-Oct-15 09:55:06

I'm always surprised when things like this are posted. If this happened to me I'd think it was a result, claim my chocs and get on with my day. Posting about it online wouldn't even occur to me.

I'm not sure it's ethical to be using it to fill your drinks cabinet.

AFewGoodWomen Sat 24-Oct-15 09:58:19

I feel like if you ordered something small but just enough to qualify for the free gift every week between now and Xmas, fair enough. But amending an existing order seems conniving.

Crazypetlady Sat 24-Oct-15 12:45:23

Conniving? Oh come on it's a few bottles of wine.
M&S are a huge company it isn't a massive deal.
Thanks for the tip o.p

WeAllHaveWings Sat 24-Oct-15 20:52:29

Size of M&s is irrelevent.

FrantasticO Sat 24-Oct-15 20:55:41

Good for you op!
A couple of bottles if fizz , lovely.
I'm sure Mr marks will still be in profit!

evelynj Sat 24-Oct-15 20:57:30

It's pretty poor that they've not dealt with this option in testing though. I'm sure it won't be long before an m&s employee sees it & they'll 'fix it'.

I've used the offer code for £15 off a £30 purchase at Molton Brown 9 times this month-the kind staff offered us to come back & use the voucher again today smile -but it says 1 per person on the code.

AFewGoodWomen Sun 25-Oct-15 19:56:24

I honestly don't understand this.

People often post 'I found a fiver in a car park, should I keep it?' And 90% of answers say "I just couldn't live with myself, I would hand it at police station" and yet in a situation where OP is obtaining goods by deceit, there are responses of "good for you, thanks!"

DeeCrepid Mon 26-Oct-15 10:07:34

I do agree with the people who are uncomfortable with this. It affects M&S profits which affects us all ultimately.

AFewGoodWomen Mon 26-Oct-15 12:13:06

And the crime of obtaining goods by deceit possibly applies here. But M&S is a huge company so whatever. hmm

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