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DIY Christmas presents for kids

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AbeSaidYes Fri 23-Oct-15 09:37:51

Anyone interested in getting some ideas together for DIY kids gifts? I was looking at science kits for my son and it all seemed so expensive so I did a search and found this

Also thinking of making him a simple sewing kit, you can buy packs of big plastic needles online, wool, felt etc.

FireflyGirl Fri 23-Oct-15 18:31:09

I think people on here have done similar to your link but with a spy kit.

I was going to suggest home made play doh and cutters.

AbeSaidYes Sat 24-Oct-15 18:53:35

A spy kit is a great idea!

SitsOnFence Sat 24-Oct-15 19:15:08

How about basic woodwork? I made one for my 2 over the summer and even 5 year old DD was able to make her own little things with very minimal supervision. It had loads of balsa wood (I bought 2 multi packs at £4 each, plus a few additional full lengths for a couple of £ each), 2 poundland junior hacksaws (very impressed with those, and they even had spare blades), poundland PVA wood glue, poundland pack of sanding blocks, 2 poundland screwdrivers, plus assorted tiny dollshouse screws and hinges from eBay and some small softwood shapes I found lurking at the bottom of our craft box.

I think I spent under £25 in total, including the plastic storage box, but that was for 2 children to share so lots of wood and 2 sets of tools.

One tip is to pre-cut all the wood into smaller pieces as it limits the size of their creations; making them more stable, easier to store and the wood stash last longer.

MERLYPUSSEDOFF Sat 24-Oct-15 21:57:54

I thought of one idea for my 7yr old boys. You can print out the instructions for lego kits on t'interweb. I'm sure they must have all the bits in their huuuuuuugge collection to make new models. A bit cheapskate but they'll love doing some new kits.

Dancingqueen17 Sat 24-Oct-15 22:47:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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