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4 year old's impossible request - help!

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HodorHodorHodor Wed 21-Oct-15 23:08:14

My dd is nearly 5 and the only thing she has asked for from Santa is pixie dust "so I can fly about everywhere" confused I have tried to explain that I don't think the elves can make things like that but she is not to be deterred!

I am trying to scale down this year as on ml and no more room for the bigger ticket stuff, which I think she has most of anyway (eg bike, dolls house, lego etc). Would any of you have a better way to put her off pixie dust and/or some other item to brainwash her into wanting?? Thanks star

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 21-Oct-15 23:12:03

Can you get someone to write a letter 'from the pixies' explaining why they aren't allowed to give pixie dust to humans? Risk to aircraft, scaring the birds, running out of dust for pixie business?

Add a present from the pixies - a tutu and wings, maybe.

CrayonShavings Wed 21-Oct-15 23:12:07

What about some fairy wings and some glitter to sprinkle? Voila, pixie dust and flying.

anonymoususername1 Wed 21-Oct-15 23:27:29

why is your child asking for something for Christmas in OCTOBER?!!!!

HodorHodorHodor Wed 21-Oct-15 23:32:42

Thanks for replying. I am in the depths of sleep deprivation so couldn't think of any ideas at all! SDTG love the letter idea, I think that could work well. Crayon she got fairy wings a couple of years ago and cried when she realised they couldn't actually make her fly! Was very hard to keep a straight and sympathetic face!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 21-Oct-15 23:33:57

Oh bless her!

Footle Wed 21-Oct-15 23:34:59

She's not the sort to chuck a bit of sugar over her head and decide she can fly down the stairs , I hope ? Perhaps you need to have a more,um, down to earth conversation, to make it quite clear that people just can't fly.

HodorHodorHodor Wed 21-Oct-15 23:35:12

Well anonymous twas mostly my fault for asking her what she would like. She has a December birthday too so I need to get organised!

pickledparsnip Wed 21-Oct-15 23:36:50

Really anonymous? It's only a few months away, and there are Christmas things about everywhere. Heck my boy starts telling me what he'd like in January!

HodorHodorHodor Wed 21-Oct-15 23:38:15

Footle good lord I have tried! Though suspect she'd be more interested in scoffing any sugar she laid her hands on grin

Footle Wed 21-Oct-15 23:38:28

The story of Icarus might come in handy.

ChippyMinton Wed 21-Oct-15 23:42:58

little bottles of fairy dust

I believe it works only when you are tucked up in bed asleep. Pop it under your pillow - no need to open the bottle - for magical dreamswink

Iwasbornin1993 Wed 21-Oct-15 23:51:28

Glitter and then get her a voucher for indoor skydiving grin?

HodorHodorHodor Wed 21-Oct-15 23:59:15

Brilliant chippy! She needs no further encouragement iwas angry grin

manicinsomniac Thu 22-Oct-15 00:04:20

Awww, cute. And I love those little bottles. You can get car stickers that say 'powered by fairy dust' on them - vomit inducing when owned and displayed by an adult but might enchant a small child.

When I was 4 I sat on Santa's lap and asked him for an older brother. My parents obviously hadn't done the birds and the bees chat very well when my little sister was born!

JoelyB Thu 22-Oct-15 00:12:21

I am afraid I would tell her people can't fly, not when they're little. When they are big they can go hang gliding or para gliding, but pixie dust is just a story, I'm afraid.
You do know, she knows that?
Then buy her a really good kite, take her to fly it, teach her about aerodynamics and Amelia Earhart, and Amy Johnson, and other girls who flew, and build her dreams in the real world.
But maybe that's just me.

ChippyMinton Thu 22-Oct-15 00:12:30

Has she been on a plane? If you live near an airport that does cheap flights, you could take her on an internal flight.

Lurkedforever1 Thu 22-Oct-15 00:21:55

Definitely the letter idea. We used it as a back up the year there was some doubt as to whether mummy would elbow her way in quick enough to grab ethnic annabelle whenever anywhere got more of the damn things in the elves would have managed to make enough of the toy she wanted for everyone by xmas day.

VaJayJay Thu 22-Oct-15 00:26:18

My DN asked for the same thing for her birthday last year.
My sister ordered one of those mini fairy doors and a little bottle of glitter dust. She glued the door to DN's skirting board and left the dust and letter with it.
The letter was one she'd wrote from the elves. The letter had a little story and explained that humans can only fly in their dreams.
She sprinkled the dust on her before bed and my DN absolutely loved it and woke up telling all sorts of stories about flying in her dreams.

My sister was so chuffed that she'd managed to pull it off, but I don't know how she'll manage this years request of a green unicorn called Frank grin

Chickenpie1 Thu 22-Oct-15 00:26:58

This reminds me of my dd who at 4 bought a bottle of pixie dust in a gift shop and was distraught that she couldn't fly. Broke my heart at the time. We managed with cuddles and distraction mainly and she soon moved onto something new. I'm sure your dd will be so excited with the presents she does get she won't remember on Christmas morning but I suppose it might be worth priming her that Santa can't get pixie dust if she keeps mentioning it. What about a flying fairy doll and a note saying they can't give out pixie dust but this is the next best thing?!

Chickenpie1 Thu 22-Oct-15 00:29:29

Forget what I said, I love VaJayJays idea

JoelyB Thu 22-Oct-15 00:34:30

How about a trip to Go Ape, some high ropes and zip wire?

PigletJohn Thu 22-Oct-15 00:34:52

I think the note should be in tiny writing, with a magnifying glass.

Asteria36 Thu 22-Oct-15 00:41:59

DS was obsessed with fairies when he was about the same age and desperate to see them. I told him they only came out when people were away but that I knew a spot to watch them from. When he was distracted I went to the big tree in the garden and hung little foil shapes in the tree and nestled a couple of candles in the crook of the branches. The light bounced off the foil but you couldn't see the candles. I then went inside and told him to very quietly look out of the window. He was enchanted for ages watching the "fairies" dancing in the breeze.
I love the fairy door and dreaming of flying idea.

Qwebec Thu 22-Oct-15 00:52:31

Oh yes, I fourth Vajay's idea and the tiny writing!

Asteria you sound like a magical mum!

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