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Christmas decor - I am looking for...

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Paddingtonthebear Mon 19-Oct-15 17:47:41

1) Instructions to make a fireplace / stairs garland and a door wreath. Easy-ish instructions for someone who has never done it before grin

2) A naice round tablecloth for Christmas Day. But not too expensive grin

3) Something decorative that a three year old can enjoy helping me make

4) Something that will make the house smell nice. Not Yankee candles, they are too strong for my liking.

Any ideas? Thanks smile

nickdrakeslovechild Mon 19-Oct-15 17:51:16

1 and 2 Pinterest is the best best as loads of ideas on there, 3 glade do some christmas candles which are just appearing in the supermarkets about £2.50 a pop and lovely but I do love yankee the best

BiddyPop Tue 20-Oct-15 13:26:18

3 Get oranges and you put holes using a skewer/cocktail stick, let toddler fill holes with cloves

4 Put your toddler-made pomanders in a bowl in sitting room perhaps with a couple of cinnamon sticks alongside

Alternatives could be using childfriendly scissors and sheets of white paper to fold and cut out snowflake shapes to hang

Or give child a box full of strips of different coloured paper and little piece of sticky/pritt stik, and let them make paper chains in their own favourite colours

Snozberry Tue 20-Oct-15 13:30:12

I'll be making salt dough tree decorations with my 2.5yo, basic salt dough cut out with tree/snowman shapes and decorate with glitter glue

HuevosRancheros Tue 20-Oct-15 13:49:01

I have some Caroline Gardner candles and also those reed diffuser things in "Corda" fragrance - they just are the smell of Christmas to me smile

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