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Sloe gin advice please

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Hangingbasket14 Sun 18-Oct-15 17:01:22

I have finally found some sloes after searching for weeks, I have approximately 600g. Does anyone have an idiots guide to making sloe gin including the beat bottles to use? Thank you!

PlymouthMaid1 Sun 18-Oct-15 17:05:42

I use the recipe on the BBc site usually:

I freeze mine first so dont bother with the pricking. If for me I just stick it back into the gin bottles once ready (usually make it in in an empty large water bottle). As gifts, Kilner cordial bottles are nice.

Dungandbother Sun 18-Oct-15 17:21:05

Marks and Sparks sell a fizzy cordial in a bottle that has a clip top lid which is nice for gifts. Or the old gin bottle.

You CAN sterilise the bottle, wash, rinse and put in oven five mins. If I use an old gin bottle I don't bother.

Simple technique

One third of bottle berries
One third sugar
One third Gin.

It's always best to have the following year.

Freeze the berries. Wash and de-stalk then prick but pricking not essential.

Rotate gently shake bottle daily for a week then monthly for the year.

Dungandbother Sun 18-Oct-15 17:22:13

Then I decant! Beautiful colour.

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