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Bah humbug - A Christmas rant thread

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Secondtimeround75 Thu 15-Oct-15 20:46:48

Dh has one brother
I am one of six

We do Christmas at home the last few years we are too many & too bulky to travel.

My mother goes between us all & sometime goes to friends . We hosted her 4 yes ago ,
Dh parents we have every second year .

I just want a rant!

I don't enjoy having them , they are not great for mucking in & going with the flow . I feel less Christmasy because if it & it annoys me as I love Christmas.

Rant over

Snausage Thu 15-Oct-15 22:28:45

This made me chuckle! I don't envy you at all. My DP's family is very much the same. We should, really, be with them this year as we were with mine last year, but my brother is very ill so that's not the case. I hope you're stocking up the booze stash so you can have a wee slug every time you go to the kitchen. Then it won't matter! fgrin

Whatsername24 Mon 19-Oct-15 00:35:23

I honestly understand how you feel. We usually have my parents here and they're easy, no trouble at all, but my MIL is on her own and up until 2 years ago lived locally and we'd have her here on the years when she didn't go to DH's sis for Christmas. The stress was awful! If she was in the wrong mood then it was very uncomfortable and she'd just push her dinner around the plate, almost as though she was sulking because she had to be with us, because her favourite child had plans with her in laws. The last time she came to us, she didn't say for definite that she'd be coming until 9pm on Christmas Eve because I couldn't give her a firm time for when dinner would be ready - it's ready when it's ready, the kids were younger then and I didn't want to slave in the kitchen all morning and miss out on the fun. Anyway she came, pushed her dinner around the plate and then DH went to bed because he was feeling ill so she got her coat on and drove 150 miles to 'surprise' SIL.
Now she's moved to live by SIL so expects us to go to her at some point over the Christmas period. I managed to get out of it last year so fingers crossed I can this year too.

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