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What will you be wearing over Christmas?

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postitnotes Thu 15-Oct-15 15:34:06

Are you planning on buying something new to wear on Christmas Day?
But also Christmas Eve, Christmas parties etc.
Tasteful? Warm and woolly? Covered in tinsel and fairy lights?

My last two Christmasses were spent being heavily pregnant, and I don't think I can get into my dresses from pre-pregnancy (tbh I don't even want to try - it's too depressing!)

Any ideas?

SideOrderofChips Thu 15-Oct-15 15:56:12

Clothes hopefully.

ut in all seriousness i have my christmas jumper DH bought me last year and im getting another to wear over the christmas period.

I have a new skater dress to wear with leggings on christms day

JenniferYellowHat1980 Thu 15-Oct-15 19:44:26

PJs for most of the festive week smile

GiraffesAndButterflies Thu 15-Oct-15 19:47:50

Christmas jumper hopefully. Any good not-tooooo-tacky maternity Christmas jumpers anyone's seen?

So far all I've found has been unbearably tacky or ... Well, not Christmassy at all really.

Jackmelad Thu 15-Oct-15 20:51:58

We dress up for Christmas dinner, but will probably find something from my wardrobe rather than buy anything new. Something along the lines of a cocktail dress.

May buy a festive jumper for December though.

Partybugs Thu 15-Oct-15 21:20:01

I'm desperately looking for a tartan dress.. I got my daughter the lovely tartan dress from
Johnnie B (Boden).. Just wish they did it in my size!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 15-Oct-15 21:22:49

I bought myself a nice long sleeved top , black/grey/white with sequins on and pictures of trees/landscape. Not Christmas but wintery.

I will buy a Proper Christmas Jumper to get in the swing of things fgrin

Probably the days leading up to Christmas will be nice wool jumpers and leggings though.

Sequins on Christmas Day for dinner , something nice and functional to cook dinner (I get hot flushes so nothing too heavy)

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 15-Oct-15 21:24:56

Just normal clothes, I have a Christmas jumper but the house gets way too warm for it on Christmas Day, so it only gets worm for short periods. We don't dress up on Christmas Day.

TeamScoutRifle Thu 15-Oct-15 22:54:29

Pjs probably...might even wear them to my brothers house on Christmas Day, I'm sure he'll be wearing his grin

postitnotes Sat 17-Oct-15 21:16:14

So quite a few warm and woolly Christmas jumpers then. DH has one but not me, and I've noticed a serious lack of cosy knitwear in my wardrobe so I think I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

I quite like to dress up for Christmas dinner - Partybugs a tartan dress sounds lovely and Christmassy. I bet a skirt will be easier to find though.

Giraffes having been very preg the last two years, I can say that having found decent maternity clothes very hard to find anyway, I settled for wearing seasonal colours (a red top - yes very lame) as a token nod towards Xmas.

Also loving the PJs idea. As I still wear a lot of my maternity clothes (YES elasticated waistbands), I have finally realised the joy of comfortable clothes. Before babies, I was more of a heels and tight clothes person, but that's DEFINITELY not happening for the foreseeable smile

Has anyone seen these 'swing' dresses for Christmas doing the rounds on Facebook? They're clearly trying to be the new jumper, but they're not kitsch in the same way, too tailored like promo girls clothing IYSWIM.

chanie44 Sat 17-Oct-15 21:21:02

I have never dressed up, but I think I may tart myself up, as I rarely get the opportunity to do so.

Heavenscent86 Sun 18-Oct-15 09:08:52

I got a nice maternity Christmas jumper from next. Bit expensive but at least I'll be happy wearing it.

monkeymamma Sun 18-Oct-15 09:16:37

Partybugs have a look in Esprit - I got an incredibly flattering dress from there. It's sleeveless but you can put a blouse or long sleeve top under. It's a sort of grown up tartan - dark blue with an oxblood check - and very Mad Men. If that's your sort of thing! Think I might wear mine for Xmas come to think of it. I have a very sticky out mum this year and something terrible has happened to my arse so was pleased to find something that doesn't look horrific!

TheGreenNinja Sun 18-Oct-15 09:17:28

Reindeer onesie. Can't beat it!

LBOCS2 Fri 23-Oct-15 21:25:55

How about something like this Giraffes? Not too awful...


Everydayaschoolday Sat 24-Oct-15 00:39:37

Partybugs Tartan dress

Chottie Sat 24-Oct-15 05:47:46

I love to dress up for Christmas dinner too. I make an effort with the Christmas table, the house is full of Christmas lights and candles, Christmas music is playing fsmile

I will probably wear a dress or trousers and a smart top.

tanya1312 Sat 24-Oct-15 11:49:46

My Xmas dress and got another one on way lol xx

wlv12 Sat 24-Oct-15 12:45:28

I'll be in my work uniform grin

My Christmas day is Boxing day and I plan to spend it in hopefully new Pj's. Love lounging about in PJ's at Christmas!

ItsaTenfromDen Sat 24-Oct-15 13:04:37

a combination of uniform and pjs. Not sure of my rota yet, but can guarantee I'll be working more than I'm notsad

Have been invited out to christmas lunch, so that will involve getting dressed. I'd like a red dress, nothing sparkly. I'm shopping this week, might have a look what's in the shops.

wherethewildthingis Sat 24-Oct-15 13:11:14

Tanya what are those want that trend dresses like, I've been wanting one but wonder if the fabric would be flattering?

tanya1312 Sat 24-Oct-15 14:22:36

Wherethe wild things, I got mine from eBay but they same patterns as want that trend, it's quite a thick material, I ordered a 10 but probably could of done with an 8 but I put a little belt round it and thought it looked fab, arms fitted perfectly and it was about £9 xx

Partybugs Sat 24-Oct-15 22:27:16

Thanks everyone for the tartan dress recommendations.

I've been hunting and have ordered these two dresses from Dorothy Perkins.

postitnotes Sun 25-Oct-15 10:19:06

Ooh Dorothy P has lots of tartan/checked dresses...

Binglet Sun 25-Oct-15 18:20:55

Tanya do you mind sharing which seller you used?! I really want one of those swing dresses but don't want to spend money for poor quality. I've found some in eBay but they are shipped from China?!

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