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Beautiful bargain gift wrap thread

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TheOddity Wed 14-Oct-15 23:29:46

It can't just be beautiful unless you are ready to blow our minds , it also has to be reasonably priced/good value. I didn't do the buying in Jan thing this year so I really am doing this for completely selfish purposes and because I have a wrapping and wallpaper fetish. I hear Matalan have 3 for 2 but haven't looked yet....

NewLife4Me Thu 15-Oct-15 15:17:00

It's not what I'd call beautiful but just wanted to give a quick heads up for trying your local markets, especially the indoor type.
I needed to have a lot wrapped by next week and couldn't find any in the shops.
Tried our local as a last ditched attempt and got some lovely paper for 99p each.
If it's not somewhere you'd normally use it's not obvious that it was left over from last year.
Well, off to do some wrapping.
Apologies it's not what you asked but thought I'd help others if I could thanks

Kacie123 Thu 15-Oct-15 16:48:37

Nothing to offer sadly but watching with keen interest and an eagle eye grin

TheOddity Sat 17-Oct-15 20:32:21

Thanks for the market tip, I would never have thought to look there! Will have a rummage next weekend.

I'm liking this ikea brown with pattern wrap. £1.75 for 5m. In reality though I will buy something way less tasteful and way more sparkly!

Kacie123 Sat 17-Oct-15 21:24:04

You've inspired me to look a bit smile (although I bet I end up with the same old cheap bundle from Boots or somewhere!)

this and this - quite pretty from Etsy

this and this from John Lewis

nice tartan ribbon from M&S

red twine, silvery one, holly one, maps wrapping paper, dr who from Amazon

nickelbabe Sat 17-Oct-15 21:25:07

What?! shock
I use either old stuff from last year or newspaper

Laquila Sat 17-Oct-15 21:27:01

Yorkshire Trading often has surprisingly tasteful Cheistmas wrapping paper. Wilko is good for that too.

RJnomaaaaaargh Sat 17-Oct-15 22:02:46

Slightly off topic but in wilkos today they had wicker baskets forc£2/£2.50 and a wrap set for £2 which had the cellophane ribbon and big bows to make them up into hampers

DrasticAction Sat 17-Oct-15 22:06:55

i got that brown one today op, with santa on, will jazz it up with velvet red ribbon and also sparkly ribbon, this will be for sanata presents, for my own will be more jazzy.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Sat 17-Oct-15 22:13:11

That Etsy seller has some lovely paper, classy but unusual. Thanks for the link Kacie.

PjDay Sat 17-Oct-15 23:17:40

RJ, how big were the baskets? Was it the A shop? Could be doing with baskets for nursery gifts.

RJnomaaaaaargh Sat 17-Oct-15 23:22:35

They were about the size of large shoe boxes. Is that you? Have you name changed again? It was my local shop (wilkos also are the only place I've found the pound tubes of Parma violet sweets, can't wait to see dd1 with them.

PjDay Sat 17-Oct-15 23:42:26

It is me. I opened a new account after the hacking thingy, I am paranoid after having my card cloned last year fangry.

Will pop in tomorrow or Monday, thank you. Dsil loves parma violets, I will be popular!

evelynj Sun 18-Oct-15 00:00:12

Sorry to harp back than old thread / my 4 MB orders arrived, dh picked up the click & collect & ive bought a couple of bits in store with one rl voucher still to use next Saturday so that's 7 orders so far & a total saving of £105 to date smile)). Am beyond delighted with all the savings so far & wondering how far to push it with another click & collect as db will be moving into new home just after Christmas & dsis would defo not dislike MB as housewarming gift! <clutching at straws?>

Kacie123 Sun 18-Oct-15 08:22:41

I've just exploded their shop a bit more ThenLater and there are some lovely ones aren't there? This one is gorgeous!

<twitchily eyes up bank statement and dreamily considers craft closet with 1000s of gorgeous rolls>

Kacie123 Sun 18-Oct-15 08:24:15

Explored! FGS.

FeelingSmurfy Sun 18-Oct-15 08:30:57

Clinton's has buy one get THREE free, had quite a big selection, some really nice ones. They had a few different characters too

jellyjiggles Sun 18-Oct-15 08:34:18

Personally I think brown paper with string and some really nice red and glittery extras is lovely! Really traditional and doesn't cost the earth. You can also save all the wrapping!

MackerelOfFact Sun 18-Oct-15 08:35:03

I've got some suprisingly nice paper from Poundland/99p Stores the last couple of years. There's some awful designs too, but if you rummage a bit there's usually some tasteful brown paper-based ones with matching tags.

Matalan usually have nice ones as do Wilko but none of the shops seem to have much in yet.

Jackmelad Sun 18-Oct-15 08:48:30

After buying some cheap paper for a child's presents last year, I swore not to do that again. The paper wasn't as easy to cut, wrapping was not as easy and took longer, and the paper easily tore. I found it false economy.

I've not had a problem with supermarket wrapping paper, or paper from the likes of M&S, BHS, Next etc, In future I will steer clear of pounds shops and other discount outlets. I would suggest buying more decent paper when it is on offer.

BikeRunSki Sun 18-Oct-15 09:00:50

I got some lovely stuff last year from Poundland. It was like born parcel paper with metallic printing on - looked a bit like tidy potato printing. I got snowflakes and Chrismas trees. Also plain silver metallic, which is useful for any occasion.

RJnomaaaaaargh Sun 18-Oct-15 10:08:44

Hello pj! I have a new account too - I couldn't get into my old email to change my password so my hand was forced. Glad to see you - how are things?

MackerelOfFact Sun 18-Oct-15 10:37:19

Yes, Bike, that sounds like what I got. It was proper thick brown paper too, not crappy thin white paper printed brown.

Ninacarter77 Sun 18-Oct-15 11:08:27

Wilkinsons/Wilcos for me nice brown paper with stags head print brown velvet wired ribbon too and lots of gift bags-got loads for a tenner.

I also saw Caroline Gardner gift bags and paper in TKMaxx at good prices.

PjDay Sun 18-Oct-15 17:38:47

We are all good RJ, although feeling old, when we started on these threads I had a baby... now I have a preschooler!

B&Q were selling off last years Christmas wrap for 50p a roll in Glasgow today. Perhaps its nationwide too.

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