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Ideas for toddler girls?

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Senpai Mon 12-Oct-15 05:19:19

I know there's already toddler threads, but they're for boys. smile

Last year we went way over board and bought her a bunch of useless plastic tat she never plays with. We're donating most of that this year and replacing it with new toys that will be age appropriate. We're looking to scale it back this year with just a few quality toys and practical things.

I'm hoping for some good ideas for quality unisex toys or "masculine" toys that will still appeal to girls (she already has cars). Nothing against girl toys, family already has that covered. Looking for balance.

At the moment she loves Chalk, My Little Pony, Balls, and Putting things in buckets.

Senpai Mon 12-Oct-15 05:20:16

Oh, practical things that you think toddlers will need (outside clothes of course) are also appreciated.

BikeRunSki Mon 12-Oct-15 05:38:17

DD got wooden garage for her 2nd birthday, which she still enjoys (4 next week).
Balance bike (+ funky helmet, check out Kiddimoto).

Outdoor stuff - excellent quality waterproofs, wellies and warm coats from Spotty Otter.

TheOnlyPink Mon 12-Oct-15 09:53:39

Watching with interest. Dh niece is 20 months and is extremely girly. I haven't a clue what is appropriate.

For a more unisex idea, what about the playmobil zoo. I'm always recommending playmobil 123 for toddlers, my kids have just gotten so much use from them.
There's lots of nice duplo sets too, farms and a vet set that my ds 2 especially, adored.

sliceofsoup Mon 12-Oct-15 10:40:09

DD2 will be 3 at xmas.

We need ideas for the main present. She already has a bike. And her birthday is just before xmas so that narrows things down.

We are getting her a wooden train set. She loved the toot toot garage when she was a bit younger. And there was a car transporter that we bought in Smyths for her cousin's birthday and she cried because it wasn't for her, so we might get her that too.

I have been considering a farm, but haven't seen one I like yet.

Both my DDs are real girly girls, but I am trying to encourage more unisex toys. Though DD2 loves cars and diggers and tractors, so at least that is a bit of variety.

AndLeavesthatweregreenturnedto Mon 12-Oct-15 13:06:07

garage with cars, train set, big big hit, the one where you move trains youself, toy kitchen, puzzles, painting, craft. little live pets, things that move....slinky...

AndLeavesthatweregreenturnedto Mon 12-Oct-15 13:06:20

lucy the dog

Fresh01 Mon 12-Oct-15 13:23:47

We got a wooden ELC kitchen when DC1 was 2, 8 years and 3 more children later it is still used several times a week. The wooden food that velcro's together and they can "cut" apart with a wooden knife is very good. Can also get similar style pizza and cakes.

Play-doh, just basic tubs and tools.
Doll and pram
Dolls highchair so they can feed their dolls from their kitchen.
Playmobil 123 also great.

Fresh01 Mon 12-Oct-15 13:24:18

Toy farm

AndLeavesthatweregreenturnedto Mon 12-Oct-15 13:27:51

oh yes duplo

PosterEh Mon 12-Oct-15 13:28:34

Playmobil 123
Brio or other wooden railway starter kit
Cosy coupe car if you have space outside
Toy farm

Most have been mentioned already but those would be my top suggestions.

Millie2013 Mon 12-Oct-15 13:31:33

We've got DD (2) the asda wooden shop/cafe.

Fresh01 Mon 12-Oct-15 14:12:54

Schleich animals, very realistic. Not cheap but often on 3 for 2 offers. We have a range but mainly dogs and horses but they can be included in all sorts of play.

AndLeavesthatweregreenturnedto Mon 12-Oct-15 15:14:21

scliech YY also lots of schliech in those buckets in chairty shops...child would never know!

Senpai Tue 13-Oct-15 03:29:22

Ooh just looked up Schliech animals. I have a couple of those on my shelves for decoration. I didn't realize they were an actual brand. smile

We actually have a balance bike on our draft list, but are on the fence with if it'll be her main gift, since her birthday is in spring and she might actually get to use it outside then.

Senpai Sun 18-Oct-15 05:00:08

I think we have decided on a balance bike, some balls with both feminine and masculine colors, and a my little pony plushie with the possibility of the Schiech animals for her birthday a few months later. smile

Thanks guys!

Fresh01 Sun 18-Oct-15 18:59:41

Sounds good! Keep a look out for a "pimple" ball ours loved them as toddlers. Come as various sizes but are textured with big pimples all over them....

WutheringTights Mon 19-Oct-15 12:46:23

DS has lots of Playmobil 123 stuff, started getting it when he was 1.5 and still plays with it every day at early 3. I think we'll be getting a lot more use out of it for a couple of years yet. The suburban house is good.

ChristmasZombie Mon 19-Oct-15 14:42:38

My DD turns 3 just before Christmas. For her birthday she's having a Frozen Fever Elsa costume, a Peppa Pig scooter, new Frozen knickers, a skipping rope, and some crayons.
For Christmas, two weeks later, she's having a Lalaloopsy doll, Anna and Elsa soft dolls (kind of like rag dolls. I picked them up in Brantano for £6 each!), felt tips, and Sofia the First pajamas.

Helgathehairy Mon 19-Oct-15 14:54:54

DD was 2 in August - favourite presents were Duplo farm and train and a big tent thing.

Christmas is going to be - kitchen from one set of grandparents, rocking horse from my mum and I'm still slightly undecided but I think some kind of shop/trolley combination.

And lots of play doh as she's currently obsessed.

Senpai Wed 21-Oct-15 05:16:36

I don't know who has kids with bikes, but they sell some super, super cute animal helmets with animal ears on top or looking like unicorns.

Here's a dinosaur one:

Senpai Wed 21-Oct-15 05:21:11

Here's a whole page of them.

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