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6 month old presents

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Crazypetlady Wed 07-Oct-15 16:02:15

Hello my ds will be six months in December nearly seven by the end. I know he has no idea but I want to get him presents because he needs a few things. Also I will enjoy unwrapping them with for him.
Has anybody got any suggestions of toys/book/useful items ?
My DSIL'S are getting him a high chair and ball pit. I am thinking about getting him a jumperoo.
He will get things on his birthday so anything useful/fun up until he's one would be great.

BlueStarsAtNight Wed 07-Oct-15 17:11:07

My DS is that age now, he's loving touchy feely books like the "that's not my" books (he has that's not my Santa for his stocking). He also loves his drum and music shakers, and balls!

comeagainforbigfudge Wed 07-Oct-15 17:17:04

My dd will be 6 months nearly 7 then as well. I was thinking of getting those ring stacking things like this

Think I will follow your thread for more ideas wink

Crazypetlady Wed 07-Oct-15 17:20:23

I will have a look for them blue
They are great comeagain I love wooden toys.

MrsFrankRicard Wed 07-Oct-15 17:42:03

My ds2 is that age now, he likes the hide and squeak eggs, balls, rattley toys, his jumperoo... for xmas when he will be 9 months he is getting a trike from santa and some bits and bobs for his stocking. Other people are getting him beatbo, a xylophone, the fisher price chair thing that sings, vtech discovery tree.

Other ideas - a mamas and papas rocker, blocks, books - ds2 likes that's not my books and his fave his peepo.

pintsizeprincess Wed 07-Oct-15 18:08:10

My dd2 will also be nearly 7 months at Christmas. So far I've got her stacking rings, couple of lamaze rattle type toys, fisher price puppy's smart train, fisher price sort and learn lunch box, wooden pull along ducks from early learning, hide and squeak eggs, bath books, fisher price cookie sorter jar. A few of these she might not be able to use until a bit older but I felt I had to buy her more bits than i prob would have so that dd1 (3) won't think father Christmas has left her baby sister out lol.

MTWTFSS Wed 07-Oct-15 18:38:56

Bath toys?

purpleaura Wed 07-Oct-15 18:46:59

Hide and squeak eggs went down a treat here at 6mo, as and he still plays with them now, at 2yo. V good value toy. Ooh, and these
We have them and I just love them. They all have a different rattle, a lovely satisfying box, they're chew proof and theyre so pretty! We like looking through the colours and putting them in and out if the box smile

BreeVDKamp Wed 07-Oct-15 18:57:51

DS will turn 7 months on Xmas day. I've got loads of ideas for stocking but no idea for main present.

Stocking will be things like:
Board book
Rubber duck

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Wed 07-Oct-15 23:33:51

My 10mth old loves the chunky mega block cars that are 2 parts on wheels and about £3 each in boots.

How about basic shape sorter elc do a small house one from 6mths and has been a huge hit with ds1 + now ds2.

Moondancer146 Thu 08-Oct-15 14:41:16

My DD was 7 months last Christmas and her favourite things that are still being played with now are stacking rings, stacking blocks, ELC shape sorter bus, mega bloks table and the fisher price laugh n learn learning house. I tried to buy things she could play with at the time but also a few things that would last at least through the year

Crazypetlady Thu 08-Oct-15 20:07:29

These are brilliant suggestions thank you!

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