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instax camera for DD6?

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MissHoney15 Tue 06-Oct-15 10:08:34

Anyone got one? I know she would love it as those vtech things look rubbish. I just worry she would not appreciate the cost of the films and use wisely iykwim? I've also seen a hello kitty one which looks great. I'm struggling for ideas as she has birthday right before Christmas so have to have lots of ideas!!!

Sweaterweather Tue 06-Oct-15 10:39:19

The thing that puts me off, as you say, is the cost of the film. I think you can only take 10 pictures at a time and for a younger child they won't appreciate that they can't just take photos of anything and everything. If you can pick up a cheap digital camera instead it would probably go down better - she'll want to be able to use the camera, not have to save photos because the film is so expensive.

Boredofthinkingofnewnames Tue 06-Oct-15 21:57:47

Is like an old Polaroid - they used to come with 10 shots in a film? And the flashbulb was extra. Again, 10 flashes per bar. I got one when I was six and bloody loved it but I hardly ever had film for it as it was soooo expensive!

Theimpossiblegirl Tue 06-Oct-15 22:03:39

DD had one for her birthday and loves it. She is 14 and understands the cost of film. Some come with 20 shots. She spends ages lining up a shot and doesn't over-use it. The film is too expensive to use it as a toy, it's about £1 a picture.

PesoPenguin Wed 07-Oct-15 07:30:54

It sounds lovely, but if your 6 year old is like my 6 year old, the film won't last til the end of Christmas morning! I think kids these days are used to taking photos all the time and just deleting them when they don't want them. The other day I found DS had taken 40 selfies on my phone and his I pad is filled with pictures of random things and selfies.

MissHoney15 Wed 07-Oct-15 12:32:59

I've decided to get this...


Just because I know she will love it. She will have to learn re film usage! I am going to get her a scrapbook to go with it. I know if I get her a digital I will never get them printed out for her! She wanted that kidizoom one but I think it's tat. smile

NicoleWatterson Wed 07-Oct-15 13:39:59

I decided to just get a normal digital camera because I know she will cost me a small fortune in film.
She had a disposable one to use once and really couldn't grasp the 'one chance' and no delete idea.

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