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Which LeapPad to buy for almost 6yo?!?

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EmGee Mon 05-Oct-15 13:27:07

I have bought the Leapfrog Tag reading systems for DD2 for Christmas plus some of the activity books. I think my older DD would also benefit from it (almost 6) but I don't want to buy two pens. I thought about getting her a Leap Pad but there are so many types and I have no idea which one to get.

Can anyone advise? She is almost 6 and likes watching Disney type stuff on Youtube but that's all she does on the iPad. She us not techy so I don't feel the need to buy her anything like a proper tablet yet. I was hoping the Leap Pad and also the Reader would help her with reading and writing (she is just learning these at the moment).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

ziggy99 Mon 05-Oct-15 19:59:38

I have just been looking into Leappads and from what I can see there is the Leappad platinum for £100 and the Leappad 3 for £60. The main difference with the platinum seems to be bigger memory and screen and struggling to justify paying the extra £40 for that.

WE had an older model that has just given up after 4 years and it was good but my son probably outgrew it by age 7 so I would be wary of spending too much on one for a 6 year old. It was good though and definitely more learning focussed than a DS/Tablet hence buying another for my younger son!

EmGee Mon 05-Oct-15 21:05:53

Thanks Ziggy. I am leaning towards the Leappad 3 I think. I think my eldest DD would like it (even though she is almost 6) and the youngest is three so I would get some mileage out of it.....

MissHoney15 Mon 05-Oct-15 21:25:16

I bought my dd the leappad ultra xdi last year for 5th birthday and she loves it and still plays on it a lot. It's very robust too. I'm not keen on her playing on iPad and feel safer with her playing on the leappad.

TillITookAnArrowToTheKnee Tue 06-Oct-15 12:46:43

DD7 has the Ultra. (£60 from amazon back in July) DD4 has the 3. (£50 from amazon in January)

Both sturdy, both good.

EmGee Tue 06-Oct-15 14:10:03

So now I'm leaning towards the Ultra Xd-something. It's half price at Argos but I can't get it - boo - and they don't deliver. More expensive on Amazon so I will price watch for a while and hope I can get it for around 60 pounds....!

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