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Grown up advent calendar for myself?

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MakStout Mon 05-Oct-15 10:17:44

Looking for a nice advent calendar for myself but I'm pretty limited on budget. Can stretch as far as about £35, are there any in my budget that are nice? Beauty, candles, anything that has nice treats for me. This is my first proper Christmas as a single mum, having had two as a single mum that were pretty rough (dossing in my mams / a friends the first year, living with the guy who had been my new partner but we had just broken up the second one) and I want to make it lovely.

HellKitty Mon 05-Oct-15 10:19:38

Fabulous! I did the same when I escaped my marriage.

I got an M&S one, this was years ago, full of little bits of costume jewellery and sparkly hair slides. The DCs used to get excited for me!

ChinaSorrows Mon 05-Oct-15 10:20:12

I have nothing in your price range... I would probably make my own out of miniatures and toiletries.
I really want this one!!!

ChinaSorrows Mon 05-Oct-15 10:23:00

OOOH! Yankee candle do one for £25 Candle ink{\]]G}

Snausage Mon 05-Oct-15 10:26:03

Hullo, MakStout! I have just done a quick search and found this Yankee Candle advent calendar. I'm thinking of getting one for myself, but wonder if I can better spend the money on a gift for someone else or a bottle of something to drink while I wrap presents. The price is pretty good, definitely within your budget, and this site is offering free delivery at the moment...

Hope that helps!

MoonandSixpence Mon 05-Oct-15 12:04:57

Hi Makstout, so many beauty advent calendars (Boots No.7, House of Fraser) have already sold out shock - seems you have to get in pretty early with your order.

There's this one from Make Up Revolution by Superdrug - it's a bit over your budget at £45 but it may be on offer.

This one by Flutter is also at Superdrug, much cheaper at £8 (down from £12) but probably the quality won't be so good.

Hope you find something lovely.

MARGUERITE18 Mon 05-Oct-15 19:14:02

technic or bomb cosmetics - both on ebay

ARockNRollNerd Tue 06-Oct-15 12:05:33

You deserve it to be lovely as well smile

Cosmo website has a few that might be good.
Benefit, No7, M&S, House of Fraiser or L'Occitane for a few pound more.
I see PP said a few of these have sold out already, but this page says they're not out yet, so I don't know. Might be worth looking into.

Hope you find something you like!

MakStout Tue 06-Oct-15 12:09:16

The l'occitane one looks good, I have a store nearby so I might scrape my pennies together for that. I'm not a very make up-y kind of woman, but nice hand creams and lip balms and the such sounds like a really nice idea.

ChristmasZombie Tue 06-Oct-15 13:06:47

I got myself the Yankee Candle advent calendar today (it's actually in the boot of my car right now, but it's pouring with rain so I'm not going to get it yet). It's in the Boots 3 for 2 at the moment, so I treated myself with my points. The box smells lovely! So christmassy!

HellKitty Tue 06-Oct-15 15:41:33

OMFG! The Benefit one! That's my bad boy.
There's also a Jo Malone at £250 confused

I get myself the John Lewis gingerbread advent calendar each year - I've already got this year's. I know it's a bit childish - but I love it!

BitOfFun Tue 06-Oct-15 20:39:36

I've just noticed this offer, valid until Oct 12th.

BitOfFun Tue 06-Oct-15 21:34:01

Oh wow, here's the ultimate guide! I think the M&S one would suit you down to the ground, OP, if you can think of other things you need for Christmas for £25- it looks amazing.

I found these tips on a Facebook beauty group, btw, which I can heartily recommend- it's called MrsGloss&TheGoss.

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