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Ideas for 9 & 11 year old Boys

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BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:12:44

Hi. I have no idea what to get my 9 & 11 year old sons for Christmas. What are you getting your boys of similar age? They have an Xbox 360 already, they have bikes, tablets & love minecraft.

It just gets more difficult as they get older confused

BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:13:38

I don't mean they have those things for Christmas already doh I mean these are things they have at home already

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:24:46

Do they like Lego? My DS is 10 and this year I imagine his present under the tree will be a Lego set and maybe a new game for his 3ds. Then stocking wise some little bits linked to his interests so books about minecraft, plus a few good fiction books and maybe a fact book. Minecraft/pokemon themed clothes. What are your boys interests? Could you get them things to to with what they already have? Headphones for when they are playing minecraft? I got some Philips ones down from £50 to £14.99 in argos the other day. A rucksack with drink pouch for long bike rides. A bike maintenence set, my son got a bike multi tool last year and he loved it. I also always try and find something not linked to any of my son's current interests but something I think he will love, sometimes a new board game, science set etc. On his 9th birthday he got a electronics set that he loved.

TheOnlyPink Wed 30-Sep-15 11:26:31

Theres a new minecraft game being released, it's called minecraft stories, so ds 1 is getting that, and lego dimensions, books and dvds. It really does get harder!

feetheart Wed 30-Sep-15 11:29:00

Oooo, bike multi-tool, adding that to the list for DS who will be 10 in November.
I think we are replacing his dodgy DS for his birthday and want to get him a fire-lighting steel at some point but we have no other ideas yet so will be lurking with intent smile

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:33:35

Featheart if you are planning on getting a fire-lighting steel I am guessing he likes outdoorsy bits, does he have any paracord yet? My DS's love making emergency paracord bracelets, you can get a great range of colours, currently they just use their dad's green stuff but going to get some in their favourite colours as a stocking filler.

feetheart Wed 30-Sep-15 11:38:14

EnglishRose1320- that's a good idea, will probably get some for DH too or he will nick DS's smile
He has really enjoyed the penknife/multi-tool we got him from the Scout shop last year - wood shavings and sharp sticks all over the place, possibly to be used as kindling when it comes to lighting fires hmm

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:39:48

Also ordered these adventure pens, got one water one and one land one as stocking fillers, looks like they will have fun with them and anything that keeps them off a screen for a bit is always a bonus! Good price as well.

BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:40:11

A new minecraft game blushI had no idea. Mine have mentioned Lego dimensions as well so I was thinking of that as a joint present I'm waiting to see if it goes on offer for Black Friday as last year infinity 2 went for half price in Argos.

Some good ideas. Thanks everyone. I always end up getting too much as its often little bits for the older one. I have a ds3 as well but he's 2 and so much easier smile

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:41:43

Feetheart my DP is the worse culprit in our house for that, constantly finding paper curls lying around where he has just been checking how sharp his knife is, they never really grow up do they!

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:43:00

Beautician 3 is a lovely age for presents isn't it, my youngest DS is 5 so still much easier to shop for.

BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 30-Sep-15 16:24:04

Englishrose yes my youngest is so much easier to buy for. He loves Ben & Holly & Dinosaurs. I've almost finished shopping for him just stocking fillers to get.

I'm even struggling with stocking fillers for the older two boys. I'm thinking:
Minecraft mini figure
Toiletries set

They both still believe in Santa. My eldest is autistic so can be quite babyish which I think rubs off on my middle child. I've told them they won't be visiting Santa this year. Surely they're too old ?? hmm

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 17:33:16

Is the 11 year old year 6 or 7, I think I am going to let my boys keep visiting until the leave primary school. Your list for stocking sounds good, similar to mine. I also put a mini cereal pack near the top so they actually eat some breakfast, normally something sugary they are not normally allowed. A pack of stickers/trading cards if they are collecting anything at the time so this year eldest will get pokemon cards. Mini torches are always good I find and if they like hot chocolate a mini set made up with hot chocolate sachets and marshmallows. My eldest is currently on the waiting list for an autism test and he likes some quite young sensory things, changing colour lights, bath tablets that change the bath colour, we tend to put little things like that in as well.

BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 30-Sep-15 17:50:52

English 11 year old is 10 at the moment so year 6. He turns 11 on Christmas Eve grin We are mean here we make the children sit down to breakfast before any presents are opened. They open stocking presents beforehand though. We usually have bacon sandwiches for the children & eggs benedict for the adults. We also have the Christmas Eve hamper tradition from the elves which contains new pjs, a Christmas bath bomb, sweets or cookies & hot chocolate & marshmallows.

I want this year to be more magical as my youngest may understand a little & plus it's our first Christmas ever alone. We usually have my family over but this year they will be coming over at New year instead

BeauticianNotMagician81 Wed 30-Sep-15 17:51:57

Ooh I forgot something I put in the stocking last year those little packs of one figure of Lego that cost about £2

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 19:11:35

That's why we put the cereal in the stockings they have to go and have breakfast and get dressed after stockings before the under tree presents, I'm impressed you do cooked breakfasts, I'm already stressing about lunch by then! Yes the lego minifigures make great stocking fillers. A birthday on Christmas eve must make finding present ideas even harder!

EnglishRose1320 Wed 30-Sep-15 19:27:10

This made a good stocking filler for my ds1 last yr, pixels like all the games he plays but a bit different.

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