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football ideas please (8yr old ish boys)

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mareseatoatsanddoeseatoats Tue 29-Sep-15 14:24:07

I'm looking for football themed presents for my ds (not balls/goals or match attax cards - we have them coming out of our ears!)

I saw a boardgame in the happy puzzle co mailout called Soccerbrain, but can't find it in any shops to have a better look at it. Has anyone seen it? We already have the brainbox football game which he likes.

Maroonie Tue 29-Sep-15 14:31:51

not played soccerbrain but we got a football map of the uk jigsaw and stadium 3d jigsaw from happy puzzle which were a hit.
He even used some Christmas money to buy another stadium 3d jigsaw.
We've also had success with football themed books (child friendly biographies as well as fiction).
we've done framed prints of stadiums for his room, and stadiums tours are good for an experience type gift (added bonus of not cluttering up his room even more).
If I think of anymore I'l add them!

Maroonie Tue 29-Sep-15 14:34:51

Clubs often release DVDs of the games when a team wins a cup too.

mareseatoatsanddoeseatoats Tue 29-Sep-15 14:39:14

have just looked at that jigsaw, i think he would enjoy that, please tell me it comes with answers?! i'm also going to order a stadium too.

Thank you!

mareseatoatsanddoeseatoats Tue 29-Sep-15 14:40:16

Maroonie...sadly there will not be any recent (think 30yrs ish!) dvd's of his club winning anything!!

Maroonie Tue 29-Sep-15 14:45:52

Oh dear!
Ah well, fingers crossed for this year then!

Maroonie Tue 29-Sep-15 14:49:54

Could be a blessing in disguise though, I like football but it loses some excitement when you've watched the same game so many times you know exactly what's coming next!

Davros Tue 29-Sep-15 19:26:55

Club websites sell loads of random stuff. I got DH a "street sign" from his club and I've got Xmas baubles and wrapping paper from them. Have a look, there's prob lots of stuff at a range of prices

HippyChickMama Tue 29-Sep-15 19:32:15

Stadium tour? I think most clubs do vip packages with meet and greet etc

daisydalrymple Tue 29-Sep-15 20:11:36

Subbuteo was a hit here last year.

We're thinking of a football table this year, just not sure about the space.

Favourite team or generic football pattern :-
Bedding or swimming towel. Boot bag. Gym bag. Rucksack. Pencil case and stationery.

Monopoly and Rubik's cube do football team versions.

Asda/ debenhams usually do generic football pants and socks, I tend to get these for stocking fillers.

daisydalrymple Tue 29-Sep-15 20:13:30

Has he already got training stuff, like mini cones etc for skills training? Argos and others do sets.

Football watch.

daisydalrymple Tue 29-Sep-15 20:14:19

Ds1 has a Guinness book of football records that he really loves dipping in and our of.

daisydalrymple Tue 29-Sep-15 20:15:41

Sorry blush can you tell we have a fair bit of football stuff in the house...

WeAllHaveWings Tue 29-Sep-15 21:54:36

Ds loves footie, but only ever interested in more footie stuff, football strips, more footballs (good ones), finger save goalie gloves, more footie boots. Never found a game to interest him other than Fifa on Xbox.

Last year we got him a crazy catch (rebound thing to kick ball off to improve footwork).

We tried football duvets but always poor quality. He's got a huge football wallpaper mural on his wall last year too that went down really well.

mareseatoatsanddoeseatoats Tue 29-Sep-15 22:13:07

thank you for all the ideas, just looking through them all now

scarlets Mon 05-Oct-15 23:18:38

My son is interested in football, plays in an academy and has a season ticket. I stock up on stuff from the stadium shop - branded water bottle, hoodie, chocolate, pen etc.

I also get him the Match and Match of the Day annuals. I might subscribe to the MotD magazine for him this year.

I agree with the pp about the Fifa game on Xbox. It's superb, and I think that other football games pale by comparison, with the exception of good old-fashioned table football which most people like.

Frank Lampard's books are good.

Does your son ever go in goal? The David James goalkeeper gaffes DVD is funny.

123Jump Tue 06-Oct-15 09:55:22

You probably already have them, but goalie gloves?

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