Magnetic balls and sticks construction thingy

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Evianbaby15 Sun 20-Sep-15 07:54:21

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where o would get it from?
It's little silver marbles with plastic sticks that have magnets on each end...primary schools usually have them but have no idea where to get them from.

Ouch44 Sun 20-Sep-15 07:58:34

We have it downstairs can't for the life of me think of its name!

We got it from Amazon though. It's expensive for what it is but it does actually get used unlike a lot of the other toys in our house.

Will find the name for you!

AsTimeGoesBy Sun 20-Sep-15 07:58:49

Geomag. You can get them on Amazon.

SueGeneris Sun 20-Sep-15 07:58:58

Yes, we have these. They are called Geomag.

Loads of kits on Amazon if that helps?

SueGeneris Sun 20-Sep-15 07:59:57

Well that's that question answered!

Ouch44 Sun 20-Sep-15 08:01:00

Magnetix I think. (Too lazy to go downstairs and look at the actual box!)

wasabipeanut Sun 20-Sep-15 08:06:55

Geomag - it's great stuff. DS1 built lots of cool things with it although constructions are very delicate! The plastic panels pop out at the slightest touch.

It's really good for teaching them about 3D shapes and stuff.
The ball bearings can also be usefully redeployed as canon balls for Lego/playmobil battles grin

addictedtosugar Sun 20-Sep-15 08:07:33

We have geomag too. Got some cheepo ones to top it up. Don't bother!!!

Also, while not what your asking for, magformers are also really popular here.

trian Sun 20-Sep-15 12:38:48

just for anyone that doesn't already know, these kits have caused major internal injuries in children that have swallowed the balls, as the magnetism causes Ball A to rip through the intestinal wall etc so it join Ball B, wherever Ball B might be on it's trip through the digestive system.

I'd be interested to know what decent non-magnetic construction kits there are out there, just so that i don't have to think about the magnetism issue.

RandomMess Sun 20-Sep-15 12:40:57

We had some made by he mega blokes people that were HUGE so couldn't be swallowed!

McFarts Sun 20-Sep-15 12:44:43

That why they're only suitable for children aged 5 and over trian of course if you have a child who still puts toys in their mouth, then they wouldnt be suitable.

stealthsquiggle Sun 20-Sep-15 12:47:59

Geomag and they are really fun - just tell your DC the urban myth horror story about what happens if you swallow the balls to incentivise them to tidy up and keep them out of reach of smaller siblings and pets.

RandomMess Sun 20-Sep-15 12:51:32

This is similar sizes to what we had

Some of the children died swallowing the geomag and similar parts and they were older primary age children sad they do crazy things at times sad

BettyTurpinsHotpot Sun 20-Sep-15 12:52:57

Not an urban myth - be aware.

RandomMess Sun 20-Sep-15 12:59:12

It was in the US but here is the reports that came out a few years ago that stopped me buying the smaller stuff

IRuthBolirsUhbniuzsDH Sun 20-Sep-15 13:03:29

It's not the balls. They are normally not magnetic, though they are of course a choking hazard.

It's the sticks themselves or the magnets from either end of the sticks that can be fatal by causing parts of the gut to adhere.

Magnext changed their design from the original magnetix so that the magnets no longer fell out of the ends hmm but a child could in theory still swallow the sticks whole.

Geomag sticks are even smaller and stronger. And no, it isn't an urban myth sadly. Children have actually died from peritonitis caused by these toys.

Please don't give them to children younger than about 5, and make sure they are very aware of the dangers of putting them in their mouths.

IRuthBolirsUhbniuzsDH Sun 20-Sep-15 13:05:15

Oh, the DM link has actual rare earth magnet balls. Jesus those look lethal.

I don't know if you can buy them in the UK. I've never seen them though we were given some 'Zoids' once which are oval-pointy shaped bastards that stick together, and I immediately quarantined them and he's never had them back (he's 12 now)

They could cause horrifying damage to electronic equipment as well.

IRuthBolirsUhbniuzsDH Sun 20-Sep-15 13:06:46

and PLEASE don't buy anything like this from ebay - they are most likely imported from China and won't have any safety standards, making them even more dangerous than the normal trademarked ones.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 20-Sep-15 13:14:16

We have a mix of geomagnetic and magnetic and are still well played with, even though their original owner is now 14. We have some with little lights in too.
Just make sure that children or pets don't Swallow the things.

LadyPenelope68 Sun 20-Sep-15 13:30:45

Geomag! It's absolutely fantastic. It is expensive but don't buy cheaper versions as they just aren't the same. My 2 sons used it for years and we sold it second hand for a really good price.

RandomMess Sun 20-Sep-15 13:37:25

It's a shame they don't still seem to sell the ones my dds had they really were fab and all the parts were huge so no choking risk.

I can't remember what they are called sad

Absolutely be aware of buying toys that don't have the UK accredited marks for safety, they are there for a reason!

Evianbaby15 Mon 21-Sep-15 13:33:01

Thanks everyone - ds is 6 and never been one for putting things in places they don't belong but will give him the hard warning anyway before gifting!

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