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Eurodisney 2016

(15 Posts)
ilovelamp82 Thu 17-Sep-15 12:05:22

I would like to take my ds' who will be 3 and 4(nearly 5) next christmas to Eurodisney for a few days and was wondering if anyone had done this before that could give me an idea of cost?

MelanieCheeks Thu 17-Sep-15 12:09:24

It's Disneyland Paris these days (DLP for short)

There is an excellent forum in Trip Advisor which has lots of active contributors - I'd start my research there.

How do you plan to travel there? Do you want to stay in one of the Disney Hotels, or would you be happy staying slightly off site and catching a shuttle bus?

FanSpamTastic Thu 17-Sep-15 12:12:57

Be aware that it can be really cold in France at that time of year. DLP is pretty much all outdoors with not very much inside space. We went in March with 2.5 and 4 year old and it was still really cold then. Kids spent most of the time bundled up in the pram under blankets and we were really cold! You will need cold weather gear!

BifsWif Thu 17-Sep-15 12:18:32

We go next month and got a great deal direct in their January '40 yes days' offer, so it's worth keeping an eye out for their deals.

ilovelamp82 Thu 17-Sep-15 12:22:28

Thanks. I'm really not sure whether I would fly or do eurostar or where I would stay. That's the kind of recommendation I'm looking for really. I will have a look at Trip Advisor. Thanks.

Also do you know if you need to pay upfront in full or can I pay a deposit and installments?

autumnintheair Thu 17-Sep-15 12:37:21

Hi OP, there are deals on at the moment if you go in January you can get two nights and days free so for instance in Sequia hotel, you can get it for 565 euros, or there abouts. This is quite a large saving and I imagine all decs are still up.

Also usually deals before xmas, early December time.

On other dates same room etc can cost upwards to 1,500!!

They have deals on their site now.

There are several hotels there, and you would get magic hours.

People on here have gone by euro or driven.

As peeps said - ^ very cold, I have read its better to take literally SKI Gear! And thermals.

curriegirl Thu 17-Sep-15 18:36:31

We are going late November. Flights for 3 were £200 on easy jet. Apartment £50 a night and we got annual passes in February. Didn't plan on passes but once we worked out the discounts you get in the parks with what we wanted to do they were worth it.

We took a packed lunch in and only bought coffee to warm up in February. Dress well and you won't feel the cold.

Don't go at a weekend. Do a mid week. Much cheaper and the parks won't be full of locals looking at the decorations etc.

curriegirl Thu 17-Sep-15 18:38:57

Stay off site rather than in a hotel at Disney. The offsite hotels have the free shuttle buses to take you in and out. Some hotels at val de Europe at at the train station and will have you door to door in about 3-4 minutes which is quicker than being at an onsite hotel.

autumnintheair Thu 17-Sep-15 20:20:28

currie but surely the extra magic hours make staying at the hotels well worth it?

curriegirl Thu 17-Sep-15 20:29:11

At Christmas the extra magic hours are 1 hour only. 8-9. Not worth it.

curriegirl Thu 17-Sep-15 20:30:03

If you go for three days or more you should look at annual passes anyway as it can be cheaper. Annual passes give extra magic hours.

mamabluestar Thu 17-Sep-15 22:19:35

There is a Facebook page called Disneyland for Brits that has a lot of great advice. How exciting ??

autumnintheair Thu 17-Sep-15 23:25:57

there are no prices for annual passes I can see, says you have to call up.

curriegirl Fri 18-Sep-15 07:18:49

Go to the supertrips website for annual passes. Watch for black out dates.

curriegirl Fri 18-Sep-15 08:09:01

And you don't get extra hours on the lowest annual pass but you do on the other 2.

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