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mrspuddleduckie Tue 15-Sep-15 14:19:46

That is all....

autumnintheair Tue 15-Sep-15 14:41:17

I see yours is much more eye catching than mine grin surprised no one else that interested! I was shaking when booking in case got sold out, silly I know but been let down so many times in past, then site jams and booked out.

mrspuddleduckie Tue 15-Sep-15 14:43:44

It may pick up after the school run ;-) I'm so pleased we booked for Christmas week. I can't really afford it (baked beans tonight, kids) but I think it will be wonderful and nice for it not to come out of December's monthly budget

autumnintheair Tue 15-Sep-15 14:53:12

We lost out last year so since last Year I have been saving a few ££ every week to make sure we got somewhere this year, have also managed to save for panto and another trip.

We also got xmas week which is brilliant, am sooo excited!

I wonder which rides are open, we have 8 and 3 year old, so hope there is something for older one too.

And unlike some places it didnt ask for dc age hmm Longleat, asked for ages, and gave super age appropriate gifts...

autumnintheair Tue 15-Sep-15 14:53:45

I heard great things about it last year, so have high hopes.

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