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Christmas stocking ideas for mum

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WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sun 13-Sep-15 19:57:21

This year will be my mum's first Christmas on her own since my dad passed away and I'd like to do her a Christmas stocking.

Any idea for nice, but not expensive, stocking fillers? She doesn't really have hobbies as such but she does like baking with the grandchildren and a bit of pampering.

Chasingsquirrels Sun 13-Sep-15 19:59:38

nail polish
little baking things - topping type things
jigsaw - my mum loves a winter jigsaw

TheoriginalLEM Sun 13-Sep-15 20:02:00

some nice hand cream. maybe some biscuits. a small bottle of sherry? a little picture frame with a pic of her and your df if you think that wont upset her. bubble bath. soap. handwash.

Yuleloglatte Sun 13-Sep-15 20:05:36

Starbucks or similar voucher
Pandora style charm/ bracelet ( can be cheap on Amazon)
Bamboo socks
Lovely mug

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sun 13-Sep-15 20:13:27

Thanks all, some great ideas. Thanks particularly for suggestion of jigsaw - too big for a stocking but a great idea for one of her presents!

DameDancealot Sun 13-Sep-15 20:18:59

Key ring with picture of grandchildren
Travel size candle

Comingroundthemountain Sun 13-Sep-15 23:55:09

Last year I got my mum stuff to do with the kids. So fairy cake cases to do with dd and a jigsaw to do with ds. I know that meant the presents weren't really for her but she loved it.

CakeNinja Mon 14-Sep-15 11:08:48

Face mask packs or lush stuff?
I always put some different shaped cookie cutters in one of my dds stocking as she loves baking, perhaps you could get your dd to choose some for her?

FreezerBird Mon 14-Sep-15 11:14:00

Do you knit? I'm planning on doing a load of these for various people this year.

soap socks

They felt as you use them, and I think would make a bar of soap a bit more interesting!

IAmSashaFierce Mon 14-Sep-15 11:43:16

What about putting some baking related niceties, such as some nice vanilla or peppermint extract, some cake decorations or a handy little tool like an aged spatula thingy (am not good at baking, don't know the lingo!).

I do a stocking for each of my parents, I usually include a mini box of posh chocolates, a smallish bottle of champagne or prosecco, a nice pamper product like a fancy shower gel or hand cream, scratch cards, a film, a bauble for the tree, a book or puzzle book and then some items personal to them.

FreezerBird Mon 14-Sep-15 11:48:51

Oh! Oh! If baking is a thing (I missed that somehow), then I've just had a personalised one of these for my birthday:

brilliant rolling pins

Possibly not a stocking filler, but I was so pleased with mine! (Also I had no idea that such a thing even existed so it was very exciting.)

ja9r Mon 14-Sep-15 12:27:25

A wee mini bottle of wine / baileys or one of those frozen cocktails

Peanutbutternutter419 Mon 14-Sep-15 18:07:36

Oh freezerbird I have just added a rolling pin to my wish list!! They are amazing!

Wankarella Mon 14-Sep-15 18:08:31

Some little Yankee Candles, my Mum always likes these.

FreezerBird Mon 14-Sep-15 20:29:02

Peanut aren't they? I was almost embarrassingly excited to open it. (Plus it comes in a triangular box, like a massive toblerone.....)

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Mon 14-Sep-15 20:50:20

Oh I love those rolling pins - I neeeeeed one of the Christmas ones!! Love all these ideas thank you. I have a good list now. Christmas will be very hard this year, but my mum is going to love having her own stocking.

Peanutbutternutter419 Mon 14-Sep-15 20:54:01

The problem is...I want a Christmas one, the fire kids one and a star one for any other time! But at £20 a go, I guess I will have to leave it up to DH to choose just one!

whatwould you have a great little list there, I'm sure your mum will really appreciate the gesture

Hoolit Mon 14-Sep-15 21:23:20

How about a voucher for afternoon tea, then you can go too something to look forward to in the new year

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Mon 14-Sep-15 21:26:25

Great minds Hoolit, afternoon tea voucher was on the list. I found somewhere fabulous this summer!

shadesofwinter Mon 14-Sep-15 21:43:35

I do this for my mum since my dad died.

She always gets slippers, Molton brown body wash, Turkish delights, rose & violet creams. Plus some ad hoc bits that I think she'll like.

Hoolit Mon 14-Sep-15 22:34:11

It all sounds lovely, I love a nice afternoon tea!

MaxPepsi Tue 15-Sep-15 11:30:30

Those rolling pins are amazing. I must get my mum one for her Birthday I think as it's November. I can't wait until Xmas to hand it over!

Lakeland do lots of lovely little stocking filler ideas.

Pamper - a nice shower cap, daft rubber gloves, the ones with froufrou and diamantes. Scarves, bubble bath, bath cushion.
Personalised bauble from the kids for the tree. Fudge, homemade biscuits. Miniature bottles of fizz. Slippers.

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