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Whats your favourite Pins in your Christmas section at the moment?

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Tealtowel Fri 04-Sep-15 19:48:00

Mine have to be the below 2 pictures/ideas and this link about being Jingled. Has anyone "jingled" anyone. I love the concept do you think its a good idea?

Lets see your Christmassy pins please.

Sorry how do I do Clicky link on mobile site?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Sep-15 20:46:01


'Tis a whole new language of which I am ignorant ............. <<old gimmer>>


I have a look through Pinterest sites (just randomly enter decorations/food/wrapping etc) but I don't save them.

(Doing the Hallowe'en Pinterest at the moment <squee> )

Love the wrapped box for rubbish idea, we did a big gift bag (the CardFactory have good bargains) so the photos look neater.

Tealtowel Fri 04-Sep-15 21:25:16

The big gift bag is actually a much better idea. Saves me havibg to wrap a box . Going to steal your idea there hope thats ok.

I have Hallowe'en too. Not that I actually end up using the ideas.

dontstopmenow Fri 04-Sep-15 21:38:17

Current favourites are attached but I have new favourites every hour! (Slightly obsessed)!

GloGirl Sat 05-Sep-15 08:22:26


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