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Swimming toys

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ComingRoundTheMountain Thu 03-Sep-15 11:25:32

So I have suggested to my kids they might like to ask Santa for toys to take swimming in my bid not to fill the house with more crap.

They both want floats. Big inflatables not allowed in our local pool (so armbands yes but lilos or animals no). Any ideas for what to get?

Will also have a newborn so ideas for newborn swim stuff good. Not sure a pack of swim nappies will cut it as my older two will be watching!

They are 5 and 3 and enjoy playing but are not yet swimming.

ComingRoundTheMountain Sat 05-Sep-15 20:31:18


Avebury Sat 05-Sep-15 20:33:33

Noodle (pound land sometimes have them) or character rubber ring. Inflatable swim seat for the baby?

Barbeasty Sat 05-Sep-15 21:44:44

How about a groovy swimming costume for the baby? And there are really nice reusable swim nappies around.
Noodles are really good, how about dive sticks or dive rings? You can get Peppa Pig squirter toys which they might all like.
Just for gathering ideas this site is the shop of a swim school and has lots of bits.

dreamcometrue Sat 05-Sep-15 21:51:12

I've seen children with weighted toys for going under water to pick up?

notasausage Sat 05-Sep-15 22:30:56

Zoggs are great for sinky seals, rings and other sinking toys.
Splashabout stuff for the baby especially a neoprene baby wrap to keep it warm while the older ones play and the Splashabout happy nappy
Goggles for the 3 and 5 yr old - again, we have Zoggs but any brand would do.
Loved the Hamleys dippy divers when we saw them in use in a pool on holiday but not sure how easy they would be to keep track of in a bigger pool - they're very fast!
Small ball, doesn't need to be swimming specific as long as it floats!
Squirty fish - we got ours from water babies but there are others. Can be filled with water, squirted, thrown, used as a slow sinker etc

DrWhooves Sun 06-Sep-15 22:35:42

How about a swim fin each for the older ones? My 4 year old loves hers and it will help them get swimming too.

mrsseed Sun 06-Sep-15 22:38:34

We have something called a torpedo, you through it to each other underwater, effectively playing catch. Keeps mine occupied for ages and the older they get the further they can throw it.

ComingRoundTheMountain Sun 06-Sep-15 23:49:45

thank you for the ideas!

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