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What do you reckon? DH present idea.

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ChristmasZombie Mon 31-Aug-15 19:46:32

I always struggle to buy for my DH (don't we all?). He has too much "stuff" already, doesn't need/want any new video games or DVDs. Nothing new for the kitchen or the garden required. He's not sporty.
I considered an Xbox One, but I'm on maternity leave and so can't really afford it.
Now I've spotted a penguin experience at the Sealife Centre. It's an hour learning about the penguins then hand-feeding them in their enclosure. Plus all day at the Sealife Centre. It's £105, so pretty much affordable, though I'd also have to buy normal entry tickets for me and the children for the day. What do you think? He does like penguins! Do you think it's overpriced? Silly? Childish? I'm umming and ahhing!

CakeNinja Mon 31-Aug-15 20:30:41

I dont think its overpriced but I do think its a bit bonkers unless he's specifically expressed an interest in penguin feeding!
Dp would be baffled to open such a present, although I'm sure he likes penguins.
It's the kind of present I'd buy a child, dd1 mainly as penguins are her favourite animal (although they stink).
I'm not sure what to say really!

SalemSaberhagen Mon 31-Aug-15 20:33:43

I mean this nicely, but I think you are panic buying a bit there. You still have a few months, I think for that sort of money you can get something which is a bit more...him perhaps.

Saying that, you know him and we don't. If you think it's something he would really enjoy, go for it!

BikeRunSki Mon 31-Aug-15 20:42:00

I rather like it.
We gave FiL a falconry day a few years ago, he loved it.

ImperialBlether Mon 31-Aug-15 20:44:52

You're panic buying there! Just ask him to set up an Amazon wish list and add to it whenever he sees anything he likes.

ChristmasZombie Mon 31-Aug-15 21:58:52

Hmmmm...I think it requires some more thought! Thanks for your input!
I do definitely like the idea, I'm thinking I could make it a whole day, with a nice lunch somewhere. I checked the website and there are only dates available up until December at the moment, so I couldn't book it yet anyway. I'll take some time and think it over a bit more.
Another idea is tattoo vouchers, but I've bought him tattoos at least once a year for the past decade! Still, at least I know it's something he will definitely appreciate.

GloriaHotcakes Mon 31-Aug-15 22:00:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

attheendoftheday Tue 01-Sep-15 10:50:18

Hard for others to judge. My dp would love it, but he's far more into experiences than stuff.

0pheliaBalls Fri 04-Sep-15 09:05:47

DH always asks for books and a nice bottle of scotch for Christmas but I usually try to get him a couple of extra bits as well, so he has a sort of personal hamper to open. Last year as well as the books/whiskey I bought him a genuine Roman coin, an antique glass jar made in the factory his ancestors worked at from the period they worked there (he spent a lot of last year doing his family tree), an old-fashioned proper mixtape of our favourite songs, a few bottles of very nice real ale and some chocs from Hotel Chocolat. None of the extras were terribly expensive but the coin and jar did take a fair bit of eBay stalking to find/win. He was delighted. Does your DH have any particular interests like history etc OP?

ChristmasZombie Fri 04-Sep-15 10:05:16

He's pretty into vintage video games and he likes comic books. He doesn't really read, apart from his comic books (he buys subscriptions to series. I might see if there's anything coming out next year he'd like).
He'd probably love a NES games console. He has everything Nintendo have released since the SNES, but the NES has always eluded him! I bet I could find one on ebay.

We're taking the children to the Sealife Centre on Sunday, so I might try and get a feel for his opinion on the penguin experience. It's still in the back of my mind!

0pheliaBalls Fri 04-Sep-15 15:29:09

DH would LOVE a NES! I promise not to get into a bidding war with you on eBay though smile Good idea re getting an idea what he thinks of the penguins, I often put the feelers out like that in the run up to Christmas. It can lead to some fairly random conversation openers though!

Secondtimeround75 Sat 05-Sep-15 18:30:28

He may like a subscription to a loot crate. They are filled with comic/anime/ marvel loot .

ChristmasZombie Sat 05-Sep-15 18:34:24

SecondTime, I looked at Nerd Block, which looks fab, but we have so much STUFF already! Just, you know, stuff. Haha!

ChristmasZombie Sat 05-Sep-15 18:45:44

0phelia There are plenty of NES consoles on ebay!

GetTheFudgeOutOfRodge Sun 06-Sep-15 00:41:26

Nerd Box, My Geek Box and Loot Crate are all really good for geeky types but I completely understand not wanting more "stuff"!

You can get subscription boxes for almost anything now beer, whisky, wine, chocolate, sweets, coffee, tea etc. Still stuff but at least stuff that won't be around too long.

Only you will know about the penguin experience for your DH, putting out feelers is a good idea.
My DH bought me an experience to feed a giant turtle for my upcoming birthday.
I have to admit I was a bit hmm
I mean I like them and everything but it's not something I would've ever chosen or asked to do. Still, I'm sure I'll love it when I do it.

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